From Queen's Gardens

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This is the fourth part of a collection of poetry written by English female poets. This part of From Queen's Gardens is a collection of 47 poems by Christina Rossetti. - Summary by Carolin (0 hr 57 min)


Another Day 0:53 Read by Foon
Our Heaven 0:47 Read by Foon
Sooner or Later 2:10 Read by Foon
The Power of Love 0:55 Read by Foon
A Life's Parallels 0:49 Read by Foon
The Weary 0:46 Read by Foon
Our Dead 1:10 Read by Foon
Maiden May 4:11 Read by Foon
Pleasure 0:57 Read by Mary Hurley
Love Understands 0:52 Read by Larry Wilson
Sow and Reap 1:03 Read by Phil Schempf
Roses 1:27 Read by Larry Wilson
Homeward Bound 0:47 Read by Foon
An 'Immurata' Sister 2:08 Read by Foon
Heartsease 0:55 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Where Love Is 1:08 Read by Emma Charlotte
Tempus Fugit 1:06 Read by Emma Charlotte
To-morrow Blots Out Sorrow 1:28 Read by Emma Charlotte
De Profundis 0:58 Read by Larry Wilson
Double 1:02 Read by Phil Schempf
The Voice of the Wind 1:05 Read by Larry Wilson
Flowers 1:08 Read by Larry Wilson
Briefness 1:11 Read by Foon
The Lily and the Lamb 1:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Passing and Glassing 1:16 Read by Foon
Golden Glories 0:43 Read by Larry Wilson
If Love is Not 1:12 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Love's Light 0:52 Read by Larry Wilson
Yet a Little While 1:17 Read by Emma Charlotte
Summer Will Come 0:57 Read by Emma Charlotte
Wait 0:55 Read by Larry Wilson
Show Pity 0:55 Read by Larry Wilson
One by the Clock 0:59 Read by Larry Wilson
In the Willow Shade 3:56 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Golden Silences 1:02 Read by Foon
What's in a Name 1:52 Read by Foon
An October Garden 0:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Joy and Pain 0:42 Read by Larry Wilson
Until the Day Break 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
A Day of Days 1:16 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Christmas Eve 0:52 Read by Foon
Christmas Day 1:30 Read by Foon
Ash Wednesday 0:39 Read by Foon
Good Friday 0:40 Read by Foon
Easter Even 1:06 Read by Foon
Easter Day 0:52 Read by Foon
Question and Answer 1:15 Read by Foon