Suffrage Songs and Verses

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman, one of the most prominent American suffragists, was not only known as an accomplished author of fiction and non-fiction, but also her poetry remains worth reading until today. - Summary by Carolin (0 hr 44 min)


She Walketh Veiled and Sleeping 0:38 Read by Foon
Coming 1:02 Read by Foon
Locked Inside 0:57 Read by Foon
Now 0:47 Read by Foon
Women of To-day 1:32 Read by Foon
Boys Will Be Boys 0:57 Read by Foon
For Fear 1:21 Read by Foon
Mother to Child 3:22 Read by Foon
A Question 0:32 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The Housewife 2:12 Read by Ellies
Wedded Bliss 2:12 Read by Ellies
Females 2:10 Read by Kristin G.
'We as Women' 2:13 Read by Kristin G.
Girls of To-day 2:00 Read by Ellies
Women to Men 3:30 Read by Kristin G.
Reassurance 2:12 Read by Ellies
The Socialist and the Suffragist 1:26 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The Malingerer 2:00 Read by Ellies
The Anti-Suffragists 3:04 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The 'Anti' and the Fly 0:58 Read by Ellies
To the Indifferent Women 2:10 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Women Do Not Want It 3:00 Read by Kristin G.
Song for Equal Suffrage 1:40 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Another Star 1:13 Read by Kristin G.
She Who Is to Come 0:56 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)