The World’s Story Volume IV: Greece and Rome

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This is the fourth volume of the 15-volume series of The World’s Story: a history of the World in story, song and art, edited by Eva March Tappan. Each book is a compilation of selections from prose literature, poetry and pictures and offers a comprehensive presentation of the world's history, art and culture, from the early times till the beginning of the 20th century. Topics in Part IV include Greek mythology, the classical Greek period and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. - Summary by Sonia

Cast list for The sacrifice of Iphigenia:

Iphigenia: Devorah Allen / Chorus: alanmapstone / Messenger: Foon / Clytemnestra: Monika M.C. / Agamemnon: Tomas Peter / Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for The bout between the poets:

Dionysus: alanmapstone / Aeschylus: TJ Burns / Chorus: Monika M.C. / Euripides: Tomas Peter / Voice: Foon / Pluto: Nemo / Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for The sale of the philosophers:

Jupiter: alanmapstone / Mercury: Tomas Peter / First Customer: TJ Burns / Pythagoras: Foon / Second Customer: Sandra Schmit / Diogenes: Son of the Exiles / Third Customer: Angelique G. Campbell / Fourth Customer: Monika M.C. / Democritus: Jim Locke / Heraclitus: Devorah Allen / Socrates: Roger Melin / Fifth Customer: April6090 / Sixth Customer: Craig Franklin / Seventh Customer: ToddHW / Chrysippus: Larry Wilson / Eighth Customer: SaraHale / Ninth Customer: Eva Davis / Pyrrho: Nemo/ Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for At the funeral of Caesar:

First Citizen: alanmapstone / Second Citizen: Monika M.C. / Third Citizen: Foon / Fourth Citizen: TJ Burns / Brutus: Nemo / Antony: Tomas Peter / Narrator: Sonia (16 hr 44 min)


The last token, painting, frontispiece 2:33 Read by Sonia
Greece Part I: Stories from Greek literature: Historical note 2:05 Read by Sonia
The story of Oedipus, by Sophocles, retold by Rev. G. W. Cox 22:34 Read by Sonia
The sacrifice of Iphigenia, by Euripides 12:14 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
The deification of Homer, painting p. 22 1:14 Read by Sonia
Princess Nausicaa and the shipwrecked sailor, by Homer 21:36 Read by Jim Locke
The meeting between Odysseus and his father, by Homer 10:09 Read by Jim Locke
Greece Part II: Life in Early Greece: Historical note 1:39 Read by Monika M. C.
How the Spartan boys were trained (about the ninth century B.C.), by Plutarch 27:14 Read by Jim Locke
Solon, who made laws for the Athenians (639-559 B.C.), by Eva March Tappan 10:54 Read by Jim Locke
At the Olympian Games (after the eighth century B.C.), by Charles Diehl 18:50 Read by Jim Locke
The chariot race (after the eighth century B.C.), by Sophocles 2:55 Read by Tomas Peter
Greek girls playing ball, painting p. 75 1:44 Read by Jim Locke
Ode on a Grecian urn, by John Keats 3:19 Read by Nemo
Greece Part III: War with Persia: Historical note 1:01 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The battle of Marathon (490 B.C.), by E. S. Creasy 21:48 Read by Jim Locke
The Lemnian: a story of Thermopylae (480 B.C.), by John Buchan 44:09 Read by Jim Locke
How Themistocles brought about the battle of Salamis (480 B.C.) by Plutarch 14:25 Read by K.T.B.
Greece Part IV: The Golden Age of Athens: Historical note 1:48 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Pericles and his age (465-429 B.C.) by Eva March Tappan 10:21 Read by Colleen McMahon
A religious procession in honor of Apollo, painting p. 128 1:58 Read by K.T.B.
In the temple of Aphrodite, by Ernst Eckstein 26:39 Read by Colleen McMahon
The bout between the poets (405 B.C.) by Aristophanes 11:08 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
The siege of Plataea (427 B.C.) by Thucydides 19:32 Read by Colleen McMahon
When the ten thousand came to sea (400 B.C.) by Xenophon 16:50 Read by Colleen McMahon
The death of Socrates (399 B.C.) by Plato 12:41 Read by Availle
Greece Part V: Macedonian supremacy: Historical note 1:51 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Danger from Macedonia (348 B.C.) by Demosthenes 8:57 Read by Richard Potenza
Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) by Plutarch 8:52 Read by April6090
In the studio of Apelles (4th century B.C.) by Henry Greenough 22:39 Read by Jim Locke
The death of Alexander the Great, painting p. 204 2:39 Read by Hypatia
Greece Part VI: From the Roman conquest to the nineteenth century: Historical n… 1:31 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The sale of the philosophers (second century A.D.) by Lucian 34:03 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Marco Bozzaris (1823), by Fitz-Greene Halleck 7:11 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Isles of Greece, by Lord Byron 5:37 Read by Nemo
Rome Part I: History and legend: Historical note 2:21 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Funeral games in honor of Anchises, by Virgil, from translation of Christopher … 15:32 Read by April6090
The arrival of Aeneas in Italy, by Virgil, from translation of Christopher Pear… 15:45 Read by Jim Locke
How Rome was founded (753 B.C. ?), by Jacob Abbott 12:23 Read by April6090
The contest between the Horatii and the Curiatii (about 650 B.C. ?), by Livy 17:15 Read by Jim Locke
Brutus condemning his sons to death, painting p. 268 1:26 Read by Hypatia
Horatius (508 B.C. ?), by Thomas Babington Macaulay 24:29 Read by Nemo
How the Plebeians won their rights, by Eva March Tappan 18:38 Read by realisticspeakers
Rome Part II: Stories of the Italian wars: Historical note 1:24 Read by J. M. Smallheer
When Coriolanus spared Rome (490 B.C. ?), by Thomas Arnold 9:26 Read by Ting Cleary
How Cincinnatus saved the consul (455 B.C.), by Thomas Arnold 10:30 Read by Angelique G. Campbell
The fall of Veii (396 B.C.) by Thomas Arnold 10:59 Read by Jim Locke
The geese that saved the Capitol (364 B.C.) by Thomas Arnold 6:47 Read by Devorah Allen
Rome Part III: Rome becomes mistress of the world: Historical note 2:29 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Romans of the Early Republic and their ways, by Eva March Tappan 13:19 Read by Nigel Fisher
How Hannibal made his way to Italy (218 B.C.), by Livy 28:37 Read by Jim Locke
Hannibal crossing the Rhone, painting p. 336 2:45 Read by Availle
How Archimedes defended Syracuse (212 B.C.), by Livy 5:43 Read by Ryan Copper
Marius to the Roman people (106 B.C.), by Sallust 15:52 Read by Ting Cleary
Spartacus to the gladiators (73 B.C.), by Elijah Kellogg 9:28 Read by Availle
On the death of Lesbia's sparrow, by Catullus 1:58 Read by Alan Mapstone
Rome Part IV: Julius Caesar: Historical note 2:23 Read by Hypatia
Cicero denouncing Catiline in the Roman senate, painting p. 368 3:02 Read by Alan Mapstone
When Caesar crossed the Rubicon (49 B.C.), by Plutarch 4:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
Caesar at the height of his power (48-44 B.C.), by Plutarch 6:37 Read by Tomas Peter
The assassination of Caesar (44 B.C.) by James Anthony Froude 8:53 Read by April6090
At the funeral of Caesar (44 B.C.) by William Shakespeare 19:07 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Rome Part V: The Augustan Age: Historical note 2:16 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Augustus, the shrewd young emperor (emperor 31 B.C.-14 A.D.), by Eva March Tapp… 15:19 Read by Hypatia
The letter of a Roman university student (44 B.C.), by Cicero the Younger 6:04 Read by April6090
A Roman bore, by Horace 6:23 Read by April6090
Why Ovid was banished (10 A.D.), by Maurice Baring 16:15 Read by Jim Locke
Rome Part VI: Rome under the Caesars: Historical note 1:57 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The fall of Sejanus (27 A.D.) by S. Baring-Gould 21:19 Read by Jim Locke
In the time of Nero, painting p. 430 3:33 Read by SaraHale
The emperor Nero on the stage (67 A.D.) by S. Baring-Gould 17:14 Read by April6090
The destruction of Pompeii (79 A.D.) by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton 16:56 Read by Devorah Allen
A visit to Pompeii (nineteenth century) by Charles Dickens 6:33 Read by Availle
How to treat the Christians (112 A.D.) a letter of Pliny the Younger to the emp… 6:29 Read by Devorah Allen
Rome Part VII: How the Romans amused themselves: Historical note 1:51 Read by J. M. Smallheer
''Pollice verso'' (''Thumbs down''), painting p. 460 3:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
The dying gladiator, by Lord Byron 1:46 Read by Tomas Peter
The Christian martyrs in the arena (64 A.D.) by Henryk Sienkiewicz 19:22 Read by thestorygirl
A Roman banquet, by W. A. Becker, adapted from Petronius 22:59 Read by Jim Locke
The country house of Pliny the Younger (end of the first century A.D.), describ… 12:18 Read by April6090
''Ave Caesar'' (''Hail, Caesar''), painting p. 490 2:13 Read by Alan Mapstone
The winning of the first missus (about 391 A.D.) by Georg Ebers 32:33 Read by Jim Locke
Rome Part VIII: The grandeur that was Rome: Historical note 2:17 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher emperor (121-180 A.D.), by Eva March Tappan 8:48 Read by Laura Larson
Queen Zenobia and the Roman ambassadors (273 A.D.), by William Ware 14:44 Read by thestorygirl
The Roman roads, by J. R. S. Sterrett 5:12 Read by Monika M. C.
Constantine the Great (born about 270 A.D. Emperor, 306-337), by Eva March Tapp… 10:39 Read by April6090
Rome Part IX: The coming of the Barbarians: Historical note 1:30 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Rome pays ransom to Alaric the Goth (409 A.D.), by Wilkie Collins 9:56 Read by eWinters
Huns pillaging a French villa, painting p. 540 2:40 Read by Tomas Peter
How the empire was saved from the Huns (451 A.D.), by Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy 11:09 Read by April6090
Peace with the Goths or war ? (535 A.D.), by Felix Dahn 27:31 Read by eWinters
Justinian in council, painting p. 548 2:33 Read by Sonia
Belisarius (505-564 A.D.), by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 3:59 Read by Sonia


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