The Tale of Muley Cow

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This series of Tuck Me In Tales and Slumber Town Tales of animal stories for children from three to eight years, tells of the adventures of the four-footed creatures of Pleasant Valley in an amusing way, which delights small two-footed human beings. This books focuses on Muley Cow, the Green family farmyard cow. - Summary by Lynda Marie Neilson (1 hr 39 min)


Johnnie Green's Favorite 4:42 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Why Johnnie Hurried 2:42 Read by Dustin Thomas
Working for a Prize 2:53 Read by Dustin Thomas
Owning a Boy 3:00 Read by Dustin Thomas
The Friendly Scarecrow 4:01 Read by ChadH94
Buffalo Hunts 4:47 Read by Shasta
A Little Surprise 4:29 Read by Shasta
It Was a Bear 4:04 Read by Shasta
Wearing a Poke 6:46 Read by Shasta
A Slight Mistake 5:14 Read by Shasta
The Unruly Muley 5:05 Read by Shasta
The Cowbirds 4:34 Read by Shasta
Truth Will Out 4:17 Read by Laura McKinney
The Muskrats' Warning 3:55 Read by Laura McKinney
Carrying a Message 3:48 Read by Laura McKinney
Clover Tops 3:32 Read by NanDodge
No Help from Spot 2:57 Read by NanDodge
One Apple Too Many 3:24 Read by NanDodge
A Question of Luck 3:26 Read by NanDodge
Good Corn Wasted 4:07 Read by Foon
A Brave Deed 3:52 Read by Foon
Trying to be Fierce 4:00 Read by Foon
The Vow of a Cow 3:36 Read by Foon
Humbugs 5:49 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson