The Tale of Muley Cow

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This series of Tuck Me In Tales and Slumber Town Tales of animal stories for children from three to eight years, tells of the adventures of the four-footed creatures of Pleasant Valley in an amusing way, which delights small two-footed human beings. This books focuses on Muley Cow, the Green family farmyard cow. - Summary by Lynda Marie Neilson (1 hr 39 min)


Johnnie Green's Favorite 4:42 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Why Johnnie Hurried 2:42 Read by Dustin Thomas
Working for a Prize 2:53 Read by Dustin Thomas
Owning a Boy 3:00 Read by Dustin Thomas
The Friendly Scarecrow 4:01 Read by ChadH94
Buffalo Hunts 4:47 Read by Shasta
A Little Surprise 4:29 Read by Shasta
It Was a Bear 4:04 Read by Shasta
Wearing a Poke 6:46 Read by Shasta
A Slight Mistake 5:14 Read by Shasta
The Unruly Muley 5:05 Read by Shasta
The Cowbirds 4:34 Read by Shasta
Truth Will Out 4:17 Read by Laura McKinney
The Muskrats' Warning 3:55 Read by Laura McKinney
Carrying a Message 3:48 Read by Laura McKinney
Clover Tops 3:32 Read by Nan Dodge
No Help from Spot 2:57 Read by Nan Dodge
One Apple Too Many 3:24 Read by Nan Dodge
A Question of Luck 3:26 Read by Nan Dodge
Good Corn Wasted 4:07 Read by Foon
A Brave Deed 3:52 Read by Foon
Trying to be Fierce 4:00 Read by Foon
The Vow of a Cow 3:36 Read by Foon
Humbugs 5:49 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson


the Muley cow

(3 stars)

A good story but I would have liked it better if the whole book had been read by just one person