Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is not your typical romance. It is a story of a woman who struggles with a world in which she doesn't quite fit. Once finished with her schooling, and with no family that really cares of her she strikes out on her own as a governess. Jane Eyre searches for love, someone to care for her, and someone to care for, and finds it in unexpected places. (summary by Kri)

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(4 stars)

While I enjoyed listening to this book and the story is solid, there are some readers who are more difficult to follow than others. There are a couple who are too monotonous to the point that sometimes you're not sure what character is speaking, a couple who read too quietly, and one or two who make mistakes pronouncing words while reading. That being said, there are a few readers who do an excellent job and I wish they could have narrated the whole book.

the outstanding Jane Eyre

(5 stars)

I loved the story!! Jane Eyre is such a compelling female character. She is sooo dedicated to what se loves and finds ways to achieve her dreams no matter what the problem may be. She is fully immersed into the world and is also loving and caring towards to the people that surround her. I also loved Mr. Rochester! He was mysterious but very charming and attractive. He has a strong personality and a full heart. I found the books at times hard to understand, since this is a more varied version of an audiobook, but I still liked it. Really recommend giving it a try

A book which wakes deep emotions in everyone who reads it.

(5 stars)

The whole book is devoted to Jane Eyre and the people around her. She underwent numerous hardships to pave the path to the such kind of life she was longing for having. Meeting with Mr.Rochester was determining. Having left him one day, she found that no happiness waited for her in life without him. And after their reunion "all the darkness turned to light", even one of his blind eyes began to see a bit. In general, the book teaches us that however the difficulties are, if a person leads an honest life he or she will be rewarded sooner or later.

Chapter 27

(2.5 stars)

For the most important chapter in this great novel, they choose the most incompetent reader. Some woman from flippin Denmark records the chapter through her potato while seemingly standing 6 feet away from her potato mic, yet she still manages to breath into it. Very frustrating.

(4 stars)

I absolutely love the book, it was just very distracting to have so many different readers, both male and female reading the book chapter by chapter. it would have been great if this were a theater production, and different people were reading different characters themselves, but to have one person reading one chapter all the way through , and then the very next chapter was written by somebody different, different accents, with different pronunciations ( and some were completely mispronounced ) that I think it completely destroyed both the mood and flow!

An Amazing Reading of Jane Eyre

(5 stars)

I have always loved the book Jane Eyre. So I downloaded the audio version to listen to on my Android phone while walking and riding, not really expecting such a beautiful vocal rendering of this much loved novel. So imagine my amazement as I listened to Elizabeth Klett read Jane Eyre to discover such a beautiful reading of the book. It was as if Jane Eyre herself were in the room with me. Ms. Klett's ability to capture the moods of each particular situation was truly amazing. The book came alive as never before! I will be downloading more from this talented reader...

Jane Eyre read by Elizabeth Klett

(5 stars)

Ms. Klett has a wonderful reading style and brings Miss Eyre to life so vividly that it's hard to pause the recording for any length of time. She sounds, in fact, like Zelah Clark, who played Jane in the BBC production with Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester. I had to check online with Libravox to verify who actually read the novel aloud, because I thought it was Ms. Clark! Thank you so much, Libravox, for making this possible. And Ms. Klett, you did an excellent job.

Make sure you know the correct pronunciation

(3 stars)

The woman voicing the first two chapters should consult a dictionary before committing her vocal atrocities on anyone else. also, sweetie, that ain't a southern accent. kudos to the talent with the speech impediment. yours was easiest to follow due to the care you took in reading.