Bumper the White Rabbit and His Friends

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 4 reviews)

In this fourth book of the Twilight Animal series, we find 16 stories of Bumper the white rabbit and the adventures he has with his friends in the forest. (2 hr 21 min)


Bumper and Sleepy the Opossum 8:01 Read by Foon
Browny the Muskrat 7:56 Read by PattyT
Billy the Mink 8:00 Read by PattyT
Mr. Beaver Has a Surprise 7:53 Read by PattyT
The Terrible News the Birds Brought 8:12 Read by Nan Dodge
The Fire in the Woods 8:39 Read by Nan Dodge
Bumper's Mad Race with the Fire 8:26 Read by Nan Dodge
How They Crossed the River 6:59 Read by PattyT
The Truce 8:05 Read by PattyT
House Hunting in the Woods 9:55 Read by Yanyan Zeng
Pink Nose and Rolly Polly 10:15 Read by Yanyan Zeng
Downy the Woodpecker and Belt the Sapsucker 10:45 Read by Yanyan Zeng
How Killer the Snake Broke the Truce 11:13 Read by Shasta
An Adventure With Sneaky and Mr. Fox 8:15 Read by c8tchoi
What Happened at the Bottom of the Pit 11:24 Read by Shasta
What Buster did to Loup, Sneaky and Mr. Fox 7:57 Read by Foon