Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women

Read by Brad Powers

(4.5 stars; 71 reviews)

A young man named Anodos experiences dream-like adventures in Fairy Land, where he meets tree-spirits, endures the presence of the overwhelming shadow, journeys to the palace of the fairy queen, and searches for the spirit of the earth. The story conveys a profound sadness and a poignant longing for death. (6 hr 34 min)


01 - Chapter - 01 9:49 Read by Brad Powers
02 - Chapter - 02 3:48 Read by Brad Powers
03 - Chapter - 03 24:40 Read by Brad Powers
04 - Chapter - 04 20:59 Read by Brad Powers
05 - Chapter - 05 16:06 Read by Brad Powers
06 - Chapter - 06 15:08 Read by Brad Powers
07 - Chapter - 07 15:55 Read by Brad Powers
08 - Chapter - 08 7:33 Read by Brad Powers
09 - Chapter - 09 12:54 Read by Brad Powers
10 - Chapter - 10 16:31 Read by Brad Powers
11 - Chapter - 11 12:30 Read by Brad Powers
12 - Chapter - 12 15:30 Read by Brad Powers
13 - Chapter - 13 46:40 Read by Brad Powers
14 - Chapter - 14 14:08 Read by Brad Powers
15 - Chapter - 15 8:59 Read by Brad Powers
16 - Chapter - 16 3:49 Read by Brad Powers
17 - Chapter - 17 10:45 Read by Brad Powers
18 - Chapter - 18 9:43 Read by Brad Powers
19 - Chapter - 19 34:22 Read by Brad Powers
20 - Chapter - 20 19:04 Read by Brad Powers
21 - Chapter - 21 11:46 Read by Brad Powers
22 - Chapter - 22 19:01 Read by Brad Powers
23 - Chapter - 23 28:48 Read by Brad Powers
24 - Chapter - 24 8:05 Read by Brad Powers
25 - Chapter - 25 7:45 Read by Brad Powers


Thank You Brad Powers

(5 stars)

I am a huge fan of George MacDonald and Phantastes is one of my favorite works of fantasy. What an absolute delight to listen to the story read by an individual with such a wonderful voice. Thank you Brad Powers for a truly memorable reading.


(5 stars)

I have tried free audio books online before and been disappointed by the poor quality of reading. Yet, in my search for an audio version of Phantastes I found Brad Powers' recording here. Power's tone and quality of voice embodied the fairy nature of this book. In regards to the book itself, how can one go wrong with one of the books that most impacted C.S. Lewis!

Skillfull Reading, Amazing Book

(5 stars)

The orator did a really great job. I love the book and all the imaginative places it goes. I am going to listen to it again because I liked it so much and I fell asleep at a few spots :)

Great book and wonderful reader!

(5 stars)

Wonderful story! Very odd at times, but very original! The reader did a fantastic job as well! Will definitely look for more of his recordings.

bright spots

(3 stars)

Overall it was good, not great. The story tends to be a bit choppy and sometimes slow and/or hard to follow. Some very good lessons and worth a listen. Good job by Brad, but a bit quiet and lacking in expression and definition of sound/voice quality. I could probably benefit from another listen but I don't think I could make it through twice.

Amazing insights and well written

(5 stars)

Wonderful inspiring work of art. The way he deals with so many questions we all face is insightful and encouraging. The author has a masterful command of the English language and the uncanny ability to entertain while he instructs. Well read and we appreciate all the efforts at LibriVox!!

A must read for story tellers.

(4 stars)

A great blend of the fairy tail tradition with a more modern story form. It lags in a few places seemingly unnecessarily, but overall is very well told and tied together, with some good and unexpected twists and character growths.


(5 stars)

Wonderfully written, wonderfully read. I could listen to this reading again & again. And I have. This will be a cherished part of my audio library. Thank you!