Mary Anerley

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It is 1801, in the wild and rugged country that is northern England. A local Squire has died but his manor, Scargate Hall, is left to two sisters, Philippa and Eliza, while the squire's son is disinherited. The family lawyer has discovered a problem with the inheritance and needs to apprise the family of the fact. Meanwhile, over a hundred miles away, Mary Anerley of Anerley Farm meets a man who is running for his life and helps him to evade capture. This man's history is a complicated one and throws up many obstacles in the path of true love with Mary. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (20 hr 24 min)


Headstrong and Headlong 7:37 Read by Lynne T
Scargate Hall 9:25 Read by Annike Lindhout
A Disappointing Appointment 16:16 Read by Cleon Cumberbatch
DIsquietude 15:27 Read by Kathleen Moore
Decision 13:32 Read by Kathleen Moore
Anerley Farm 22:53 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Dane in the Dike 23:49 Read by Lynne T
Captain Carroway 22:15 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Robin Cockscroft 15:25 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Robin Lyth 16:20 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Dr. Upanddown 25:59 Read by Keith Salis
In a Lane, Not Alone 31:17 Read by Keith Salis
Grumbling and Growling 25:17 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Serious Charges 26:06 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Caught at Last 27:58 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Discipline Asserted 23:46 Read by Ldan4th
Delicate Inquiries 37:19 Read by Keith Salis
Goyle Bay 27:52 Read by Keith Salis
A Farm to Let 16:36 Read by Keith Salis
An Old Soldier 25:22 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Jack and Jill Go Down the Gill 24:15 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Young Gilly Flowers 28:56 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Love Militant 34:29 Read by Keith Salis
Love Penitent 11:30 Read by Keith Salis
Down Among the Dead Weeds 28:36 Read by Keith Salis
Men of Solid Timber 21:22 Read by Keith Salis
The Proper Way to Argue 18:08 Read by Keith Salis
Farewell, Wife and Children Dear 12:12 Read by Sophia Gannaoui
Tactics of Defense 17:32 Read by Keith Salis
Inland Opinion 26:55 Read by Keith Salis
Tactics of Attack 21:09 Read by Keith Salis
Tactics of Attack 27:53 Read by Keith Salis
Bearded in his Den 16:25 Read by Keith Salis
The Dovecote 14:24 Read by Keith Salis
Little Carroways 12:41 Read by Keith Salis
Maids and Mermaids 30:59 Read by Keith Salis
Fact, or Factor 26:17 Read by Keith Salis
The Demon of the Axe 18:40 Read by Keith Salis
Battery and Assumpsit 24:22 Read by Keith Salis
Stormy Gap 27:44 Read by Keith Salis
Bat of the Gill 20:32 Read by Keith Salis
A Clew of Buttons 19:49 Read by Keith Salis
A Pleasant Interview 19:07 Read by Keith Salis
The Way of the World 22:13 Read by Keith Salis
The Thing is Just 20:46 Read by Keith Salis
Stumped Out 25:25 Read by Keith Salis
A Tangle of Veins 30:05 Read by Keith Salis
Short Sighs, and Long Ones 23:53 Read by Keith Salis
A Bold Angler 18:44 Read by Keith Salis
Princely Treatment 15:36 Read by Keith Salis
Stand and Deliver 22:03 Read by Keith Salis
The Scarfe 14:01 Read by Aisha17
Buts Rebutted 17:40 Read by KHand
True Love 18:41 Read by Aisha17
Nicholas the Fish 22:44 Read by KHand
In the Thick of it 14:29 Read by Lynne T
Mary Lyth 23:51 Read by Lynne T


(4 stars)

I am definitely enjoying my serial reading of R. D. Blackmore. Some readers seem put off by how much he develops quite a few characters in every novel, but I appreciate it, because each one plays a part in the main plot somehow. “Mary Anerley” is an interesting read. You get a sense of English history in the coastal areas where “free tradesmen” (smugglers avoiding taxes), play a large role in the story, as well as the government officials who strive to stop them, and the varied attitudes of the locals who benefit from their wares. An unknown toddler crawls up out of a sea cave, several chaste romances are highlighted, along with married love, and family relationships. There’s a murder, confusion over who is the murderer, war, inheritance struggles, drama, humor, all with uniquely enjoyable characters.


(3.5 stars)

The story is alright. Mr. Salis was my favourite reader and I would have been glad to listen if he'd done the whole book. I wish that those learning English wouldn't use Librivox as a forum for practicing their skills. It's fine to use reading as practice, but don't post it to the site. It isn't fair to those of us who just want to enjoy a book, but can't because of too-strong accents.

fabulous, except

(3.5 stars)

what a story, and wonderful reading, except TWO much anticipated chapters at the end, of which I could not understand a word of either...such a disappointment to miss such chapters. I applaud the volunteers, but if your English is not at all proper, why take on chapters from such a story?

(3 stars)

A complex and enjoyable story with some interesting insights. A couple of chapters, sadly, are very hard to understand. I almost gave up.