From Ritual to Romance

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From Ritual to Romance is a 1920 book written by Jessie L. Weston.
Weston's book is an examination of the roots of the King Arthur legends and seeks to make connections between the early pagan elements and the later Christian influences. The book's main focus is on the Holy Grail tradition and its influence, particularly the Wasteland motif.
The origins of Weston's book are in James George Frazer's seminal work on folklore, magic and religion, The Golden Bough (1890), and in the works of Jane Ellen Harrison. The work is mentioned by T. S. Eliot in the notes to his poem, The Waste Land. - Summary by Wikipedia (6 hr 38 min)


Preface 4:32 Read by Devorah Allen
Introductory 20:40 Read by Matthew M. Benzing
The Task of the Hero 22:29 Read by Sonia
The Freeing of the Waters 18:28 Read by schrm
Tammuz and Adonis 29:23 Read by Jim Locke
Medieval and Modern Forms of Nature Ritual 26:31 Read by Jim Locke
The Symbols 37:41 Read by Steve C
The Sword Dance 35:38 Read by Jim Locke
The Medicine Man 19:27 Read by Jim Locke
The Fisher King 43:09 Read by Sonia
The Secret of the Grail 1: The Mysteries 23:20 Read by Jim Locke
The Secret of the Grail 2: The Naassene Document 31:27 Read by David Angelo
Mithra and Attis 19:38 Read by Jim Pierson-Perry
The Perilous Chapel 28:01 Read by Jim Pierson-Perry
The Author 38:07 Read by Dawn