Old Testament Legends Being Stories Out Of Some Of The Less-Known Apocryphal Bo…

Read by David Wales

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M R James was a well regarded English scholar who studied the medieval period (he also wrote great ghost stories!). Apocryphal books are ancient literatures about biblical events and characters but these books are not included in the Bible. (Some books regarded as apocryphal by Protestant tradition are included in Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox Bibles.) They are sources of stories and legends that were elaborated about the beloved biblical narratives. The Preface contains a good explanation of apocryphal literature. In this 1913 book Dr. James has collected and edited eight of those legends. He intended his book for a youth audience but more mature readers will find the stories no less interesting. - Summary by David Wales (3 hr 25 min)


Preface 20:14 Read by David Wales
Adam; The Death Of Adam And Eve 26:14 Read by David Wales
Abraham 29:58 Read by David Wales
The Story Of Aseneth, Joseph's Wife 41:07 Read by David Wales
Job 28:17 Read by David Wales
Solomon And The Demons; The Story Of Ebedmelech The Ethiopian, And Of The Death… 31:59 Read by David Wales
Ahikar 27:22 Read by David Wales


(5 stars)

Well read. A fascinating take on the lives of people I grew up hearing about.

good reader.

(2 stars)

doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. prefer the most excellent ghost stories.