The Story of Ahikar

Read by CJ Plogue

(4.9 stars; 10 reviews)

The Story of Ahikar is a fictional work. It is a colorful story but considered to be a work containing great wisdom. The story of Ahikar is considered one of the earliest "international books". It can be found in a variety of geographical translations and has been circulated in the middle east and near east regions. - Summary by CJ Plogue (1 hr 10 min)


Section 1 22:55 Read by CJ Plogue
Section 2 27:20 Read by CJ Plogue
Section 3 20:29 Read by CJ Plogue


(5 stars)

I really liked the story. Part of it is like the wisdom of Solomon (Biblebooks Proverbs& Kings)

Very nice short story.

(5 stars)

The reader does an excellent job.