The Year When Stardust Fell

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 18 reviews)

The story of The Year When Stardust Fell is not a story of the distant future or of the remote past. It is not a story of a never-never land where fantastic happenings take place daily. It is a story of my town and yours, of people like you and me and the mayor in townhall, his sheriff on the corner, and the professor in the university—a story that happens no later than tomorrow. It is the portrayal of the unending conflict between ignorance and superstition on one hand, and knowledge and cultural enlightenment on the other as they come into conflict with each other during an unprecedented disaster brought on by the forces of nature. - Summary by The Author (6 hr 23 min)


Of Men of Science 5:57 Read by Larry Wilson
The Comet 15:53 Read by ToddHW
Breakdown 15:02 Read by Mike Golczynski
Power Failure 15:23 Read by Mike Golczynski
Disaster Spreads 15:04 Read by Mike Golczynski
Thief 21:28 Read by Rich Brown
The Scientist 21:21 Read by ka7zrp
Dust from the Stars 19:20 Read by ka7zrp
Attack 16:03 Read by Jamie Todd
Judgment 17:04 Read by Jamie Todd
Victory of the Dust 14:00 Read by Jamie Todd
The Animals are Sick 17:12 Read by Rich Brown
Decontamination 21:03 Read by Rich Brown
Stay Out of Town! 17:39 Read by Jamie Todd
Mobilization 17:45 Read by Jamie Todd
Battle 23:37 Read by Shasta
Black Victory 32:50 Read by Shasta
Balance of Nature 26:18 Read by John
Witchcraft 19:55 Read by Rich Brown
Conquest of the Comet 16:40 Read by Jssaxon
Reconstruction 13:50 Read by Jssaxon


(3 stars)

This is ok, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thoughr

thought provoking

(5 stars)

Some excellent volunteer readers. Author captures precisely human reactions to crises.

(5 stars)

great story I loved it all well read thankyou