A Hypocritical Romance, and Other Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of twelve original and entertaining little romances. Literature is an important anchor that helps us understand society in the American Gilded Age in the late ninteenth century, and these stories allow us to understand the marriage market of the time. - Summary by Carolin
"Miss Ticknor, well known as one of the most promising of the younger school of American writers, has never done better work than in the majority of these clever stories, written in a delightful comedy vein." - The Publisher (5 hr 10 min)


A Hypocritical Romance 36:31 Read by Sally Sharpe
The Fate of Clyde Moorfield, Yachtsman 38:28 Read by Sia Tuinei
The Judgment of Paris Reversed 23:43 Read by Sia Tuinei
A Little Study in Common Sense 22:01 Read by softstepgd
Mr. Hurd's Holiday 17:23 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Evolution of a Bonnet 52:46 Read by Kathleen Moore
Mrs. Hudson's Picnic 14:15 Read by Caroline Sears
A Bag of Pop-Corn 23:38 Read by Caroline Sears
The Romance of a Spoon 26:43 Read by Mia Russell
The History of a Happy Thought 16:04 Read by Sally Sharpe
A Furnished Cottage by the Sea 17:27 Read by Jane Manning
A Hallowe'en Party 21:42 Read by Mayah