My Man Jeeves

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.6 stars; 600 reviews)

Bertram Wooster is an English gentleman living in New York, who seems to get himself into all sorts of jams. It’s up to his manservant Jeeves to come up with the plan to save the day from unpleasant houseguests, stingy uncles, broken hearts, and hard-partying aunts. (Summary by Mark Nelson)

(5 hr 12 min)


Leave It To Jeeves 43:13 Read by Mark Nelson
Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest 43:15 Read by Mark Nelson
Jeeves and the Hard Boiled Egg 42:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Absent Treatment 30:17 Read by Mark Nelson
Helping Freddie 31:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Rallying Round Old George 34:50 Read by Mark Nelson
Doing Clarence a Bit of Good 31:55 Read by Mark Nelson
The Aunt and the Sluggard 55:03 Read by Mark Nelson


Good reading. it watch the pronunciation

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the narration and the stories. I'd only say, as a British reader, that there are some jarring mispronunciations that mar it a little bit. E.g. The author is pronounced Woodhouse not Wode house as it looks like from the spelling. Also Lord Chiswick is pronounced Chisik - as all place names with 'wick' drop the w in the uk. It really wouldn't matter if this author's work weren't so quintessentially English - much of it based upon satire of the British class system and clever word play.

bit o british comedy

(5 stars)

the first chapter I didnt like the way the reading was done, but then either I got use to it or the reader improved and I enjoyed the book. several short stories all in one book, not all comprised of the same characters -but all the same rich british with servants an heirs to money. several funny quips that had me smiling. a nice batch of tales where people seek help, have a brilliant idea that doesnt work out, then come up with another idea just in time to clear things up.


(5 stars)

Very good reading by Mark Nelson. Jeeves a very brilliant man who can master any situation. Wooster and his friends present Jeeves with many chances,to show his talents of turning a bad situation into a winning solution. His master is not the sharpest pencil in the box one could say. I really enjoy all this authors books they are very humorous. Thanks to Mark Nelson a awesome job as always and to Librivox. Have a great listen!


(5 stars)

This is brilliant! One of the funnies books I’ve ever heard. The narrator is maturing into quite a rummy reader and all that. At a few points I laughed so hard I thought I couldn’t go on, but I’m up and taking nourishment.

Clean, entertaining stories; well done

(5 stars)

Clean, entertaining stories, with a British chap voice that keeps them highly palatable. They are interesting without being enthralling, which is excellent when you are using Librivox to distract from tedious tasks (dishes, laundry, driving, using spreadsheets). The narrator is good. I especially like his Jeeves voice. Well done.

Excellent book

(5 stars)

Jeeves is an extremely intelligent man who happens also to work as a butler for a, shall we say, not quite as bright young man. The misadventures they get into are a riot, along with the ingenious solutions Jeeves comes up with to get them out. This will be a new favorite. Enjoy!

Very entertaining. What!?!

(4.5 stars)

Very humorous and entertaining. Mark Nelson is excellent, as always, but not even he can make comprehendable the author's Tourettesic use of "What!?!." If not Tourrettes Syndrome, this can only be spastic responses to voices in his head. You can't ignore it, but can certainly enjoy the story despite it. It may even invoke a giggle. What!?! (Yes, I do understand that this was actually British usage of the period.)


(5 stars)

For me, the ideal narrator is somebody whose narration doesn't intrude into the story itself. This, the narrator manages to do, even as he varies his voice subtly for various characters. I listened, I smiled, I even laughed out aloud. I would thoroughly recommend this one.