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(3.9 stars; 90 reviews)

This science fiction novel takes place in the year 2203, if we take literally the age of 250 years. A rogue planet, populated by strange machines known as Pyramids, has stolen the Earth from the Solar system, taking it off into interstellar space. The moon has been 'ignited' by alien technology to serve as a miniature sun around which both planets orbit. This new sun is rekindled every 5 years, though as the book opens, the rekindling is nearly overdue and there is fear among the populace that it may never happen again. - Summary by Wikipedia (3 hr 55 min)


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Big words, Little meaning

(1 stars)

Horrid writing! Felt as if 2 6th graders got a hold of a thesaurus and decided to write a story... Unfortunately, they didn't use a dictionary! Pedestrian at best. The sentence structure, wording, and even the character names were ridiculous. The reader (although monotone at times) did an excellent job with what he had to work with. And the sound quality was superb! All that said, I feel that some of the underlying concepts were quite groundbreaking for us time. just absolute poorly executed. I am about 90% sure that whomever wrote "The Matrix", definitely got some of their ideas from this badly written story. Or at least were so saddened by the writing, decided to come up with a much better version themselves.

terribly raycyst

(4.5 stars)

The author, a white Cissy male, uses a colonizing vocabulary and sentence structure that oppresses and marginalizes BIPOCs. The white male author uses a needlessly complex vocabulary that BIPOCs are unable to comprehend. This is not to say BIPOCs are unable to understand big words. No. It is the white male patriarchy deliberately withholding proper education from said BIPOCs in order to make them subservient and deny them agency. Story needs to be recreated as an urban interpretative dance, so that BIPOCs may understand it.

Reasonably satisfied in Borneo

(4 stars)

This is an old school sci-fi story. It plods along...but there are some interesting concepts to consider.

(5 stars)

very interesting Story It would be nice with a Sequel