The Cowardly Lion of Oz (version 2)

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Mustafa of Mudge has heard of the famous Cowardly Lion of Oz, and decides to capture him and put him into a zoo! He enlists the help of Bob Up and a clown called Notta Bit More - the master of disguise! The Cowardly Lion meanwhile travels though Oz and meets a stone man, who offers to turn the Cowardly Lion into stone: after all, a stone lion doesn't feel fear! Is this the solution to the Cowardly Lion's quest for courage? Or is it a trap, and does the stone man want to trick him for reasons of his own?

The Cowardly Lion of Oz was published in 1923, and is the seventeenth in the Oz series created by L. Frank Baum. It is the third by Ruth Plumly Thompson, and comes directly after "Kabumpo in Oz". The main themes are disguises, honesty, and being true to who you are. (Summary by Beth Thomas) (5 hr 16 min)


Introduction and Dedication 1:56 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Mustafa of Mudge 18:37 Read by Sydney Beck
Magic at the Circus 8:47 Read by Sydney Beck
At the Court of Mudge 8:56 Read by Josh Kibbey
Mustafa's Mandate 10:29 Read by Josh Kibbey
Two Cowardly Lion Hunters 11:15 Read by Josh Kibbey
The Seven Doors 16:06 Read by Aaron White
The Escape From Doorways 18:29 Read by Aaron White
The Cowardly Lion's Quest 12:56 Read by Aaron White
In Search of a Brave Man 19:11 Read by Nichalia Schwartz
On the Isle of Un 16:32 Read by Nichalia Schwartz
A Strange Fishing Party 17:46 Read by Aaron White
Saved by a Flyaboutabus 19:44 Read by Aaron White
Mustafa's Blue Magic 19:00 Read by Aaron White
Flying in a Deluge 19:05 Read by Aaron White
Mustafa Keeps Watch 3:36 Read by Aaron White
A Fall From the Sky 17:31 Read by Aaron White
The Stone Man of Oz 16:17 Read by Aaron White
Notta's Last Disguise 10:36 Read by Josh Kibbey
In the Emerald City 13:34 Read by Elisabeth Holland
The Cowardly Lion's Peril 18:42 Read by Nan Dodge
Oz Magic Triumphs 10:00 Read by Nan Dodge
A Happy Home in Oz 7:25 Read by Nan Dodge


(5 stars)

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