Helps to Holiness

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Samuel Logan Brengle was a commissioner in the Salvation Army. His books are known for the practicality, joyfulness and authenticity. His life was spent working with people on the streets, so his insights into the work of the Holy Spirit are relevant to everyday life. His holiness was that of the street, the kitchen, and everyday life. His stories are of men and women living their daily lives. This book is the first in his "Holiness" trilogy, explaining what Holiness is and how to get it. - Summary by Beth Thomas (5 hr 10 min)


Preface and Introduction 10:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Holiness: What Is It? 7:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Holiness - How to Get It 14:16 Read by Larry Wilson
Hindrances To Obtaining the Blessing 11:43 Read by Larry Wilson
The Temptations of a Sanctified Man 11:31 Read by Larry Wilson
After the Holiness Meeting 11:25 Read by Larry Wilson
"Fight the Good Fight of Faith" 10:57 Read by Son of the Exiles
The Heart of Jesus 11:45 Read by pattymarie
The Secret of Power 8:10 Read by M.L. Wize
The Leakage of Spiritual Power 6:13 Read by Larry Wilson
The Man God Uses 6:04 Read by Larry Wilson
Your Own Soul 5:24 Read by Devorah Allen
Gideon's Band 13:05 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Chained Ambassador 9:40 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Faith: The Grace and the Gift 7:01 Read by Devorah Allen
Don't Argue 8:02 Read by Beth Thomas
Letting the Truth Slip 9:41 Read by Beth Thomas
If You Have Lost the Blessing - What? 6:36 Read by Beth Thomas
Soul-Winners and Their Prayers 12:29 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Present-Day Witnesses to the Resurrection 12:49 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Radicalism of Holiness 11:18 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Perfect Peace 7:46 Read by Devorah Allen
Some of My Experiences in Teaching Holiness 9:27 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Another Chance for You! 12:41 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Birds of Prey 11:53 Read by Bruce Kachuk
"With Peace Unbroken" 11:41 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Sanctification v. Consecration 16:44 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Shouting 12:22 Read by Larry Wilson
Some of God's Words to Me 21:42 Read by Larry Wilson