The Last Rebel

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(4.4 stars; 41 reviews)

Arthur West has been taken as a prisoner of war by Colonel Hetherhill of the Confederate States of America, and imprisoned at Fort Defiance, where an oddly small number of soldiers are stationed. More odd than the size of the fort's company, however, is the fact that the Civil War ended thirty years prior to West's capture. This is the story of West's attempts to regain his freedom. - Summary by David Gore (3 hr 56 min)


At Odds With the Compass 26:34 Read by DavidG
On Trial 27:37 Read by DavidG
An Unlucky Sketch 33:13 Read by DavidG
Among the Peaks 28:22 Read by DavidG
A Change of Situations 28:37 Read by DavidG
At the Hut 33:34 Read by DavidG
Besiegers and Besieged 30:29 Read by DavidG
The Results of a Snow-Slide 22:32 Read by DavidG
I Am In Favor 5:45 Read by DavidG


(3 stars)

didn't really get into this one as much