The Snare

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(4.5 stars; 32 reviews)

A story of burning jealousy and romance set in the British peninsula campaign against Napoleon. A British officers family is ensnared by mistakes, secrets, and false accusations. ( Peter Strahm) (9 hr 28 min)


The Affair At Tavora 49:17 Read by pmstrahm
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Miss Armytage's Pearls 27:27 Read by pmstrahm
The Ally 20:40 Read by pmstrahm
The Intelligence Officer 21:53 Read by pmstrahm
The General Order 21:03 Read by pmstrahm
The Stifled Quarrel 26:37 Read by pmstrahm
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Polichinelle 21:37 Read by pmstrahm
The Champion 30:05 Read by pmstrahm
The Wallet 16:02 Read by pmstrahm
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Bitter Water 34:39 Read by pmstrahm
Fools Mate 14:14 Read by pmstrahm
The Truth 29:12 Read by pmstrahm
The Resignation 22:43 Read by pmstrahm
Sancuary 33:36 Read by pmstrahm
Postscriptum 11:45 Read by pmstrahm



(5 stars)

Sabatini is best with his action novels (Captain Blood, for example) but his "wordy" novels are also great. He skillfully ensnares his protagonists in such a manner that the reader feels their agony. Then, when he extricated them. it is with extremely thoughtful methods, and the reader is also relieved, but never with the idea that it was quickly contrived. Our narrator did a wonderful job, but I wish that he could have sent us pictures of his trek.

Some pretty interesting pronunciations of words by the reader!

(4 stars)

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive." Sabatini does a good job of portraying annoying human nature. It was interesting following the reader around South America in the early months of 2019; I wondered how the outbreak of COVID-19 affected his travels? The reader has a clear voice with entertaining interpretations of the characters' voices and pronunciation of words.

excellent book

(5 stars)

my favourite time period, the peninsular wars... well written and well read. I suggest to the reader to perhaps avoid accents if not sure about them. the "british" ones at the beginning sound like southern USA. Very neat also to hear all the cool places the reader was while he recorded!


(5 stars)

a great story - gripping and entertaining - AND UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST NARRATION ON LIBRIVOX that I have heard so far

I enjoyed

(5 stars)

it has everything I want in a good story. excellent book

(3 stars)

well read. a bit deep and hard to get in to


(4 stars)

reader tours South America, story was entertaining