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The story of an inventor's son, who tries to prevent him and a couple other characters from being taken into poverty by the man of the house who is drinking away the money, while trying to inherit their grandmother's money. - Summary by ej400 (10 hr 29 min)


Twenty Years 20:50 Read by Ariphron
Thirty Years 10:50 Read by Ariphron
''Not Finished'' 10:19 Read by Ariphron
Janey Briarley 7:39 Read by Ariphron
The Beginning of a Friendship 10:48 Read by Ariphron
Miss Ffrench 12:45 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
The ''Who'd Ha' Thowt It?'' 8:10 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Mr. Ffrench 5:05 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
''Not for one hour'' 19:19 Read by Ariphron
Christian Murdoch 14:24 Read by Ariphron
Miss Ffrench Returns 16:44 Read by Ariphron
Granny Dixon 11:58 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Mr. Ffrench Visit’s the Works 13:07 Read by Anne Erickson
Nearly An Accident 12:33 Read by Michele Eaton
It Would Be a Good Thing 6:32 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Poor Chap As Is Allus I’ Trouble 9:59 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Flower 12:31 Read by ChadH94
''Haworth & Co'' 12:33 Read by Michele Eaton
An Unexpected Guest 10:47 Read by Elizabeth Renae
Miss Ffrench Makes a Call 11:54 Read by Michele Eaton
In Which Mrs. Briarley’s Posititon is Delicate 8:41 Read by Michele Eaton
Again 17:03 Read by Michele Eaton
''Ten Shillings’ Worth'' 13:16 Read by Michele Eaton
At An End 7:20 Read by Michele Eaton
''I Shall Not Turn Back'' 4:38 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
A Revolution 13:54 Read by Claire Redick
The Beginning 12:33 Read by Claire Redick
A Speech 8:54 Read by Claire Redick
''Sararann'' 9:10 Read by Claire Redick
Mrs. Haworth and Granny Dixon 12:21 Read by Claire Redick
Haworth’s Defender 7:07 Read by mleigh
Christian Murdoch 12:12 Read by mleigh
A Seed Sown 13:40 Read by John
A Climax 20:52 Read by Jean Claire
“I Am Not Ready for It Yet” 7:32 Read by John
Settling An Account 14:06 Read by VHSThompson
A Summer Afternoon 10:05 Read by Jean Claire
“God Bless You!” 9:33 Read by Claire Redick
“It Is Done With” 8:56 Read by mel1234
“Look Out!” 14:32 Read by mel1234
“It Has All Been A Lie” 9:13 Read by mel1234
“Another Man!” 6:02 Read by Tristan
“Even” 6:39 Read by mel1234
“Why Do You Cry For Me?” 10:26 Read by John
“It Is Worse Than I Thought” 12:07 Read by John
Once Again 9:18 Read by John
A Footstep 12:43 Read by John
Finished 7:41 Read by Jean Claire
“If Aught’s For Me, Remember It” 12:22 Read by Jean Claire
“An After-Dinner Speech” 14:34 Read by John
“Th’ On’y One As Is Na A Foo!” 14:10 Read by John
“Haworth’s Is Done With” 26:02 Read by John
“A Bit O’ Good Black” 11:20 Read by John
“It Will Be To You” 12:00 Read by John


Narrators very inconsistent

(3 stars)

A few of the readers nail the Yorkshire accent. However, most do not, including the first narrator. I'm happy to have any kind of audiobook but there were times where the dialect work was painful to listen to.


(4 stars)

One of Frances H. Burnett's Lancashire novels, with the attendant difficulty of dialect for the narrators to deal with. Most of them did well, but a couple couldn't manage it, which is why I only gave 4 stars. As usual, Ms. Burnett draws vivid, passionate characters and makes the listener understand their complex needs and motives. I do wonder if there's a sequel?