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The story of an inventor's son, who tries to prevent him and a couple other characters from being taken into poverty by the man of the house who is drinking away the money, while trying to inherit their grandmother's money. - Summary by ej400 (10 hr 29 min)


Twenty Years 20:50 Read by Ariphron
Thirty Years 10:50 Read by Ariphron
''Not Finished'' 10:19 Read by Ariphron
Janey Briarley 7:39 Read by Ariphron
The Beginning of a Friendship 10:48 Read by Ariphron
Miss Ffrench 12:45 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
The ''Who'd Ha' Thowt It?'' 8:10 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Mr. Ffrench 5:05 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
''Not for one hour'' 19:19 Read by Ariphron
Christian Murdoch 14:24 Read by Ariphron
Miss Ffrench Returns 16:44 Read by Ariphron
Granny Dixon 11:58 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Mr. Ffrench Visit’s the Works 13:07 Read by Anne Erickson
Nearly An Accident 12:33 Read by Michele Eaton
It Would Be a Good Thing 6:32 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Poor Chap As Is Allus I’ Trouble 9:59 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Flower 12:31 Read by ChadH94
''Haworth & Co'' 12:33 Read by Michele Eaton
An Unexpected Guest 10:47 Read by Elizabeth Renae
Miss Ffrench Makes a Call 11:54 Read by Michele Eaton
In Which Mrs. Briarley’s Posititon is Delicate 8:41 Read by Michele Eaton
Again 17:03 Read by Michele Eaton
''Ten Shillings’ Worth'' 13:16 Read by Michele Eaton
At An End 7:20 Read by Michele Eaton
''I Shall Not Turn Back'' 4:38 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
A Revolution 13:54 Read by Claire Redick
The Beginning 12:33 Read by Claire Redick
A Speech 8:54 Read by Claire Redick
''Sararann'' 9:10 Read by Claire Redick
Mrs. Haworth and Granny Dixon 12:21 Read by Claire Redick
Haworth’s Defender 7:07 Read by mleigh
Christian Murdoch 12:12 Read by mleigh
A Seed Sown 13:40 Read by John
A Climax 20:52 Read by Jean Claire
“I Am Not Ready for It Yet” 7:32 Read by John
Settling An Account 14:06 Read by VHSThompson
A Summer Afternoon 10:05 Read by Jean Claire
“God Bless You!” 9:33 Read by Claire Redick
“It Is Done With” 8:56 Read by mel1234
“Look Out!” 14:32 Read by mel1234
“It Has All Been A Lie” 9:13 Read by mel1234
“Another Man!” 6:02 Read by Tristan
“Even” 6:39 Read by mel1234
“Why Do You Cry For Me?” 10:26 Read by John
“It Is Worse Than I Thought” 12:07 Read by John
Once Again 9:18 Read by John
A Footstep 12:43 Read by John
Finished 7:41 Read by Jean Claire
“If Aught’s For Me, Remember It” 12:22 Read by Jean Claire
“An After-Dinner Speech” 14:34 Read by John
“Th’ On’y One As Is Na A Foo!” 14:10 Read by John
“Haworth’s Is Done With” 26:02 Read by John
“A Bit O’ Good Black” 11:20 Read by John
“It Will Be To You” 12:00 Read by John



(4 stars)

One of Frances H. Burnett's Lancashire novels, with the attendant difficulty of dialect for the narrators to deal with. Most of them did well, but a couple couldn't manage it, which is why I only gave 4 stars. As usual, Ms. Burnett draws vivid, passionate characters and makes the listener understand their complex needs and motives. I do wonder if there's a sequel?