Five Continental Op Stories

Read by Winston Tharp

(4.6 stars; 101 reviews)

Before Sam Spade chased the black bird in The Maltese Falcon and Nick and Nora Charles stirred their first martinis in The Thin Man, the Continental Op walked early twentieth century San Francisco’s mean streets for the Continental Detective Agency. Dashiell Hammett used his own experiences as a Pinkerton operative to lend realistic detail to this creation. These first five stories were published in Black Mask magazine in 1923. - Summary by Winston Tharp (2 hr 40 min)


Arson Plus 37:51 Read by Winston Tharp
Crooked Souls 33:17 Read by Winston Tharp
Slippery Fingers 25:48 Read by Winston Tharp
It 29:55 Read by Winston Tharp
Bodies Piled Up 33:46 Read by Winston Tharp



(5 stars)

Crackling good stories. Dashiell Hammett created the gritty, hard-boiled style of detective fiction. His anonymous "op" has an unembellished, and mildly wry narrator's voice that set the tone for Raymond, Mickey, etc. The reader was outstanding, and his voice even reminded me of the great Howard Duff who played Sam Spade in the radio series.

Good stories, quality reading

(5 stars)

I'm pleased to say this is yet another pleasant surprise at Librivox. Professional quality reading by someone who most likely loves doing this. And providing entertainment for listeners.

(5 stars)

An excellent reader. Perfect for Hammett. No false bravado or tough guy stuff. A matter of fact reader for matter of fact stories. Matter of fact but in no way boring. And it doesn't hurt to have a name that it seems like Hammett would have used.

(5 stars)

All of the Continental Op stories, especially the short ones, are my favorite Hammett. And nobody reads them better than Winston Tharp.

good old fashioned private eye stories

(5 stars)

Exceptionally good reader. A couple of the stories were a bit confusing, but good yarns anyway.

Classic crime drama/mysteries

(3.5 stars)

5 classic crime dramas performed by Winston Tharp who is an excellent reader


(5 stars)

... to be able to hear the excellence of Dashiell Hammet! 060923!


(5 stars)

The reader was made for Continental Op.