The Book of Ices, Ice Beverages, Ice-Creams and Ices

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Summer is around the corner, time to make ice cream! This volume contains tried and true recipes for all kinds of cold drinks and desserts to cool off on a hot summer day. Though published in 1891, these recipes can still sweeten this year's season. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 7 min)


The History of Ice-Cream 3:54 Read by Foon
Ice-Cream Making Appurtenances, Utensils, etc. 6:56 Read by Foon
Materials for Ice-Creams and Water-Ices 19:37 Read by BettyB
Ice-Creams 25:17 Read by BettyB
Water Ices 12:30 Read by DaveB
Iced Puddings, etc. 23:31 Read by BettyB
Iced Beverages, part 1 17:23 Read by BettyB
Iced Beverages, part 2 18:19 Read by BettyB