Hurlbut's Story of the Bible Part 1

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Some years ago, the editor of an English magazine sent a communication to "the hundred greatest men in Great Britain" asking them this question: "If for any reason you were to spend a year absolutely alone, in a prison for instance, and could select from your library three volumes to be taken with you as companions in your period of retirement please to inform us what those three books would be." The inquiry was sent to peers of the realm, prominent leaders in politics, judges, authors, manufacturers, merchants, gentlemen of leisure—men who would represent every aspect of successful life. In the answers it was found that ninety-eight of the hundred men named "The Bible" first on the list of the three books to be chosen. (From Book introduction) (4 hr 46 min)


Introduction 11:01 Read by Esther
The Story of a Beautiful Garden 9:58 Read by Sam Stinson
The First Baby in the World and His Brother 4:03 Read by Sam Stinson
The Great Ship That Saved Eight People 11:27 Read by Sam Stinson
The Tower That Was Never Finished 8:45 Read by Robert Scott
The Story of a Long Journey 7:59 Read by Kalynda
How Abram's Choice Brought Blessing 6:33 Read by Kalynda
The Angel by the Well 4:02 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Rain of Fire That Fell on a City 9:17 Read by Esther
The Boy Who Became an Archer 4:33 Read by Sophie
How an Angel's Voice Saved a Boy's Life 6:47 Read by Sibella Denton
The Story of a Journey after a Wife 6:02 Read by Sibella Denton
How Jacob Stole His Brother's Blessing 10:02 Read by Esther
Jacob's Wonderful Dream 6:48 Read by Esther
A Midnight Wrestling Match 7:43 Read by Eric Ray
The Rich Man's Son Who Was Sold as a Slave 7:25 Read by Laura Caldwell
From the Prison to the Palace 10:34 Read by Tamara Hamilton
How Joseph's Dream Came True 8:03 Read by Tamara Hamilton
A Lost Brother Found 9:23 Read by Tamara Hamilton
From the Land of Famine to the Land of Plenty 6:18 Read by Sibella Denton
The Beautiful Baby Who Was Found in a River 7:30 Read by Sibella Denton
The Voice from the Burning Bush 8:13 Read by Sibella Denton
The River That Ran Blood 7:43 Read by Sibella Denton
The Night When a Nation Was Born 5:58 Read by Sibella Denton
How the Sea Became Dry Land and the Sky Rained Bread 9:15 Read by Laura Caldwell
The Mountain That Smoked and Words That Were Spoke 7:26 Read by Esther
How Aaron Made a Golden Calf and What Became of It 8:34 Read by Ezwa
The Tent Where God Lived Among His People 9:33 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
How They Worshipped God in the Tabernacle 6:07 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
What Strong Drink Brought to Aaron's Sons 3:27 Read by Sibella Denton
The Scapegoat in the Wilderness 4:07 Read by Sibella Denton
The Cluster of Grapes from the Land of Canaan 8:02 Read by Laura Caldwell
How the Long Journey of the Israelites Came to an End 9:10 Read by Esther
What a Wise Man Learned from an Ass 14:29 Read by Eric Ray
How Moses Looked upon the Promised Land 7:55 Read by Esther
The Story of Job 12:36 Read by Robert Scott


(5 stars)

Best children’s bible story book ever!!

(5 stars)

really enjoyed listen to this while at work. helped me understand the bible.

Please fix the echo-

(3 stars)

Content is great, but there is an echo to the readers voice once the intro is finished.