Sentry of the Sky

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.2 stars; 56 reviews)

There had to be a way for Sub-Archivist Clarey to get up in the world—but this way was right out of the tri-di dramas. - Summary by original text (2 hr 25 min)


Part 1 35:35 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 2 32:38 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 3 28:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 4 31:47 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 5 17:08 Read by Mark Nelson


Loving it from Borneo

(4 stars)

I've been listening to only modern sci-fi these past couple of years, so it was a real treat to come home to a 1961 old school space opera. There's something about the structure and a lack of any cockiness and smugness and over-the-top narration with bells and whistles - it's so endearing. Sci-fi unplugged. Also...Mark Nelson is the consummate narrator...I have missed his warm delivery. The story is an interesting concept...would liked to have seen where our protagonist went next...

(4 stars)

I need to find more stories by Evelyn E. Smith. It will be interesting to see how her stories develop. I have contrary opinions on how I liked this one. I would have liked the end to be different, yet almost any other ending would have been wrong.

Secret agent falls for alien woman.

(3 stars)

A human secrete on an alien planet falls in love an weds a local woman. He loses her and the people he came to love. Returning to Earth, he finds he has achieved far more than he had ever dreamed possible.

kind of a very let down. started good but i feel the writer gave up at the en…

(1.5 stars)

kind of a let down. Started good but i feel the writer gave up at the end. i was very disappointed!

(3.5 stars)

I liked it, easy listening. Mark Nelson brings a lovely reality to it.

(5 stars)

great story I loved it all .well read