Sentry of the Sky

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 162 reviews)

There had to be a way for Sub-Archivist Clarey to get up in the world—but this way was right out of the tri-di dramas. - Summary by original text (2 hr 25 min)


Part 1 35:35 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 2 32:38 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 3 28:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 4 31:47 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 5 17:08 Read by Mark Nelson


Loving it from Borneo

(4 stars)

I've been listening to only modern sci-fi these past couple of years, so it was a real treat to come home to a 1961 old school space opera. There's something about the structure and a lack of any cockiness and smugness and over-the-top narration with bells and whistles - it's so endearing. Sci-fi unplugged. Also...Mark Nelson is the consummate narrator...I have missed his warm delivery. The story is an interesting concept...would liked to have seen where our protagonist went next...

kind of a very let down. started good but i feel the writer gave up at the en…

(1.5 stars)

kind of a let down. Started good but i feel the writer gave up at the end. i was very disappointed!

Sentry of the Sky

(5 stars)

Great read, a space yarn promoting the underdog in a story of intrigue, and distrust fueled by fear and ignorance which all manages to wrap up quite neatly in a dizzying finale. Recommended

Fascinating short story

(4 stars)

Liked this a lot, but it was too short. The theme could have had a few more chapters. I wasn't thrilled with ending. Mark thanks for your reading

A classic short sci-fi Opera.

(4.5 stars)

Classic short sci-fi Opera. This sci-fi short is much better than the title suggests. Read by the incomparable Mark Nelson. a very fun "read".

Corn Smith at his best

(4 stars)

love the reader. kinda felt it actually had an ending but an editor finished it to fit copy.

(3 stars)

Overall the book was good but the ending was a little anti-climatic. As always Mark Nelson does a fantastic job narrating.


(2 stars)

This story has all the feeling of European colonialism and whitism very out dated attitude.