Little Jack Rabbit and the Squirrel Brothers

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David Cory is the author of over 50 children's book including the Little Jack Rabbit series and the Puss-in-Boots series. This is the third of the Little Jack Rabbit books. - Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 47 min)


The Game of Marbles 3:19 Read by Larry Wilson
A Little Piece of Looking Glass 3:06 Read by John
The Fleet 3:59 Read by John
More Nuts 3:29 Read by John
Old Squirrel Nutcracker 2:44 Read by John
Home Hunting 3:51 Read by John
An Old Crow’s Nest 3:23 Read by Diana Schmidt
Parson Owl Explains 3:13 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Little Gold Ring 3:08 Read by Diana Schmidt
Wedding Bells 3:09 Read by Diana Schmidt
“Nuts and Raisins” 2:52 Read by Diana Schmidt
Bad News 3:57 Read by Janette Kragen
Poor Jimmy Mink 4:40 Read by Janette Kragen
Professor Jim Crow’s Lesson 3:46 Read by Janette Kragen
To the Post Office 3:32 Read by Janette Kragen
More Stamps 4:17 Read by Janette Kragen
Busy Times 5:03 Read by Janette Kragen
An Accident 4:05 Read by Janette Kragen
Two Pigeons 4:18 Read by Janette Kragen
Miss Pussy 4:24 Read by Janette Kragen
A Busy Beaver 3:46 Read by Janette Kragen
Don’t Worry 3:49 Read by Janette Kragen
The Little Frosty Painter 2:58 Read by Dustin Thomas
Grandpa Possum 2:57 Read by Dustin Thomas
Cousin Chatterbox 3:02 Read by Dustin Thomas
Jimmy Jay 2:35 Read by Dustin Thomas
The Tip of a Tail 3:03 Read by Dustin Thomas
Old Barney Owl 2:51 Read by Dustin Thomas
“Help! Help!” 2:46 Read by Dustin Thomas
Pumpkin Place, P. O. 2:32 Read by Dustin Thomas
An Ice Cream Pine Cone 2:56 Read by Dustin Thomas