Hero Tales from History

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This volume celebrates stories of great heroes from the pages of history from Moses and David through Clara Barton and Henry Longfellow. It is divided into nine sections: Mighty Men of Long Ago, Heroes of the Middle Ages, Four Leaders in the Old World, Discoverers and Explorers, Colonists and Pioneers, Patriots of the Revolution, Winners of the West, Famous Inventors, and The Greatest Americans, It is written from a distinct Western and American point of view, but each chapter is a short summary of these people deemed “heroes.”
John Burnham was chair of the History and Social Sciences Department at Western State Normal School and Western State Teachers College. He was a nationally known history and social studies educator, and author or co-author of six elementary and secondary U.S. history textbooks that were widely used throughout the United States during the 1920s and 1930
- Summary by Larry Wilson (10 hr 50 min)


Preface 3:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Moses, The Greatest Law-giver, and the Meekest Man 8:30 Read by Larry Wilson
David, The Giant-killer King 6:26 Read by Larry Wilson
Homer, The Hero Poet of Ancient Greece 8:28 Read by Philip Watson
Socrates, The "Grand Old Man" of Greece 6:57 Read by Philip Watson
Alexander, The Boy Who Conquered the World 7:04 Read by Philip Watson
Four Familiar Sayings of Julius Caesar 10:43 Read by Philip Watson
The Christmas Crowning of Charlemagne 7:34 Read by Philip Watson
Alfred, The Greatest of the Saxon Kings 8:16 Read by LikeManyWaters
How William of Normandy Conquered a Kingdom 10:08 Read by Wayne Cooke
Lion-hearted Richard and Wolf-hearted John 7:47 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Joan of Arc and the Lilies of France 9:55 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Shakespeare, The Greatest Maker of Plays 5:05 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
How Cromwell Changed Places with the King 7:19 Read by John
Napoleon, The Corsican Boy Who Ruled Europe 11:31 Read by Elijah Fisher
Nelson, The Hero of Trafalgar 11:48 Read by John
Columbus, the Map-maker Who Found a New World 12:05 Read by Markus Milla Zuefle
Magellan, The Man of the Straits 10:33 Read by Markus Milla Zuefle
Cortes, The Conqueror 12:16 Read by Markus Milla Zuefle
De Soto, A Gold Hunter in Southern Swamps 12:09 Read by Markus Milla Zuefle
Sir Francis Drake, England's First Great Sailor 13:06 Read by Wayne Cooke
Sir Walter Raleigh, The Favorite of Good Queen Bess 9:38 Read by Elijah Fisher
Henry Hudson, The Man Who Put Himself on the Map 8:15 Read by BettyB
La Salle And The Mouth of The Mississippi 12:25 Read by Rita Boutros
Livingstone, The White Man of the Dark Continent 22:03 Read by Ruth P.
Peary, A Hero of the Great White North 13:17 Read by LikeManyWaters
John Smith, The Captain of Many Adventures 9:28 Read by Elisabeth Holland
Champlain, The Father of New France 18:59 Read by Rita Boutros
Myles Standish, The Brave Little Captain of Plymouth 19:12 Read by Elisabeth Holland
John Winthrop, A Puritan Maker of Massachusetts 12:51 Read by Rita Boutros
Roger Williams, A Minister Who Lived the Golden Rule 6:38 Read by LikeManyWaters
Lord Baltimore, Calvert and Claiborne, The Three Fathers of Maryland 9:38 Read by Rita Boutros
William Penn, The Founder of Pennsylvania 6:34 Read by BettyB
Patrick Henry, The "Firebrand of the Revolution" 6:10 Read by David Yu
Nathan Hale, Who Spoke the Bravest Words in History 14:34 Read by Rita Boutros
Lafayette, The Boy Hero of Two Worlds 11:37 Read by BettyB
The Immortal Reply of John Paul Jones 17:04 Read by Rita Boutros
General Marion, The Carolina "Swamp Fox" 11:14 Read by Wayne Cooke
Wolfe and Montcalm, The Rival Heroes of Quebec 18:30 Read by Utek
Daniel Boone, The Great Indian Fighter of Kentucky 12:32 Read by Marilyn Rakes
George Rogers Clark, The Young Hero with a Great Idea 12:36 Read by BettyB
Lewis and Clark, Two Adventurers in the Far West 18:06 Read by LikeManyWaters
Davy Crockett, The Hero of the Alamo 15:03 Read by Elisabeth Holland
How Eli Whitney Made Cotton King 6:09 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Fulton's Folly 7:10 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
How Morse Sent Letters by Lightning 8:20 Read by Allan R. Tate
Cyrus H. M'cormick and the Story of the Reaper 5:38 Read by Wayne Cooke
Elias Howe and His Sewing Machine 4:18 Read by BettyB
Edison, The Wizard of Many Inventions 9:12 Read by LikeManyWaters
Benjamin Franklin, The Boy Who Was Diligent in Business 7:55 Read by BettyB
George Washington and His Mother 7:37 Read by BettyB
Alexander Hamilton, The Orphan Boy from the West Indies 13:04 Read by BettyB
Thomas Jefferson, The Father of Democracy 8:16 Read by BettyB
Andrew Jackson, America's Most Popular Hero 9:01 Read by ChadH94
Webster, Clay, Calhoun, Three Great Champions in Congress 11:29 Read by KevinS
The Kind Heart of Abraham Lincoln 8:34 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Ulysses S. Grant, The General Who Hated War 14:31 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
The Noble Soul of Robert E. Lee 10:58 Read by Sam Collier
Davy Farragut, The Hero of Mobile Bay 11:22 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Strenuous Life of Roosevelt 9:14 Read by BettyB
Clara Barton, "The Angel of the Battlefield" 10:06 Read by BettyB
Henry W. Longfellow, The American Children's Poet 10:05 Read by Wayne Cooke


(4 stars)

Learned a lot of history that I didn’t know