Lucian's Dialogues Volume 4: Zeus the Tragedian

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Zeus, gloomy and in tragic distress, is implored by Hermes and Athena to divulge the cause of his melancholy condition; while Hera, true to her Homeric character, confidently attributes it to another earthly amour. The king of gods and men, thus adjured, announced the true reason of his anxiety--daring assaults upon the character of himself and the rest of the Olympian divinities, and, in fact, denial of their very existence by the skeptics. What would be the best course to pursue? Summary by Foon

Cast List:

Narrator: ToddHW

Timokles: JennPratt
Momus: Adam Bielka
Aphrodite: Pseudonymous Nerd

Kolossus: Nemo
Damis: adrianstephens
Herakles: alanmapstone

Poseidon: George Diaz
Hermagoras: Stefan Von Blon
Hermes: Campbell Schelp

Apollo: KHand
Athena: Leanne Yau
Hera: Betsy Walker

Zeus: Aaron White

Edited by: linny.
Proof listeners: Foon, linny, and Adam Bielka. (1 hr 18 min)


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