The Statement of Stella Maberly

Read by Anne Fletcher

(4.5 stars; 23 reviews)

From childhood Stella Maberly has been violently wilful and jealous, yet certain of her own superiority. She can be loving and friendly, but soon loses friends, when in the grip of her “demons” she acts with disdain and subtle cruelty, and then revels in the misery of her loneliness. Her paranoia results in tragedy for her best friend Evelyn, and Stella comes to believe that Evelyn is possessed by an evil spirit. In this statement Stella reflects on the events leading to her present situation...Was the evil imagined? Who was “possessed”? Is Stella to be blamed or pitied? This story can be seen from two viewpoints: do we take the words of the other characters literally at face value, or are we being influenced by Stella's interpretation? It’s fun to try interpreting from both angles! (Summary by Anne F) (4 hr 23 min)


Introduction 2:07 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 1 20:04 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 2 28:40 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 3 17:01 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 4 32:47 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 5 49:02 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 6 14:15 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 7 38:19 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 8 22:20 Read by Anne Fletcher
Chapter 9 38:31 Read by Anne Fletcher


Suspense and mystery, perfectly executed

(5 stars)

Wonderful suspense and mystery! Is Stella experiencing psychosis or a terrible supernatural event? A brilliant weaving of blame and responsibility, misunderstandings and double meanings, and unexpected turns to keep you on your toes. And a fascinatingly well-drawn, flawed main character, full of anger, spite and manipulation, at a time when female characters tended to be rather two dimensional. The reader is absolutely perfect in every way. I couldn't praise her more highly! Her change in tone with the different enotions, voices for different characters, quality of the recording, every is perfect.

(5 stars)

I’m so glad I stumbled across this book. A twist on the average who dunnit. Excellent reader. Thank you!