Tales of Mean Streets

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(4.4 stars; 6 reviews)

This is the first book of a trilogy (A Child of the Jago, To London Town) set in the harsh world of London's East End. Violence and poverty are everywhere, but the universal human emotions prevail despite the rawness of life. We come to love the characters and suffer with them in their misery, yet share in their joys and minor triumphs. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (4 hr 49 min)


Introduction to the American Edition 9:37 Read by Steve C
Introduction -- A Street 22:47 Read by Steve C
Lizerunt -- Lizer's Wooing 12:40 Read by Lynne T
Lizer's First 9:19 Read by Lynette Caulkins
A Change of Circumstances 10:34 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Without Visible Means 20:01 Read by Richard Auty
To Bow Bridge 8:53 Read by Steven Fellows
That Brute Simmons 14:58 Read by Steven Fellows
Behind the Shade 11:48 Read by Steven Fellows
Three Rounds 29:19 Read by Steve C
In Business 17:27 Read by Richard Auty
The Red Cow Group 25:43 Read by Richard Auty
On the Stairs 11:46 Read by Tommy Hersant
Squire Napper 31:37 Read by Richard Auty
'A Poor Stick' 11:01 Read by Kathryn Phipps
A Conversion 16:34 Read by KevinS
'All That Messuage' 25:05 Read by KHand