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These V-Discs all came as a set and are in great shape, I've included one acetate from WOR that was right in the middle of the stack. The Army was the original source of the V-Disc records, with their first  being issued in October of 1943. The Army’s V-Disc project provided a monthly 'care' package of music specially recorded for troops overseas. Soldiers fighting a far-flung war welcomed these musical snapshots of life back home.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



066a -Hal McIntyre-Al Noble-If You Please 3:28
066b -Hal McIntyre-Al Noble-The Sheep In The Meadow-Paper Doll 5:07
071a -Sammy Kaye-Hut 2 3 4-Victory March (Notre Dame) 5:25
071b -Sammy Kaye-Sally Stewart-Move It Over-No Love, No Nothin' 5:12
073a -Raymond Scott And His Secret Seven-Stiff Lace And Old Charcoal 3:17
073b -Raymond Scott And His Secret Seven-The Hungry Count 3:23
081a -Pete Johnson And Albert Ammons-Cuttin' The Boogie-Foot Pedal Boogie 4:58
081b -Pete Johnson And Albert Ammons-Boogie Woogie Man-Pine Creek Boogie 5:32
083a -Del Courtney-Journey To A Star-My Ideal 5:37
083b -Del Courtney-Blue Rain 3:01
095a -Toscanini and The NBC Symphony Orchestra-Zampa Overture(part 1) 4:18
095b -Toscanini and The NBC Symphony Orchestra-Zampa Overture(part 2) 3:22
096a~Kaye Kyser~ The Quartette-Candlelight And Wine - Do It Again 3:51
096b~Kaye Kyser~ The Quartette-With My Head In The Clouds - Victory Polka 3:21
097a -Ormandy and The Phladelphia Orchestra-Spirit Of Vienna 4:53
097b -Ormandy and The Phladelphia Orchestra-Voices Of Spring 4:51
104a -Don Redman-Pistol Packin' Mama 3:59
104b -Don Redman-Redman Blues 5:05
106a - Hal McIntyre -Rockin' And Ridin' 3:02
106b - Hal McIntyre - Gloria Van - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 3:47
107a - Artie Shaw -Summit_Ridge_Drive 3:28
107b - Artie Shaw - Keeping Myself For You 3:23
111a -Morton Gould-El Relicario 2:59
111b -Morton Gould-Two Guitars 4:41
114a - Freddy Martin - Glenn Hughs -Shoo Shoo Baby 4:17
114b - Freddy Martin -Martin Men - Cuddle Up A Little Closer 5:07
117a -Jimmy Dorsey-Julia-Contrast 4:40
117b -Jimmy Dorsey-John Silver 4:21
118a -Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra-My Heart Tells Me 3:22
118b -Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra-Birmingham Special 3:33
120a -Johnny Long-Gene Williams-The Dreamer 3:02
120b -Johnny Long-Gene Williams-Later Tonight 3:18
156a -Freddy Martin-Glen Hughes-Ridin' For A Fall 3:20
156b -Freddy Martin-Gene Conklin-Second Hungarian Rhapsody-I'll Be Seeing You 4:59
164a-Charlie Spivak - The General Jumped At Dawn 4:24
164b-Charlie Spivak - Besame Mucho 4:38
170a -Phil Brito-Is My Heart Blue Tonight-I Can't Give Anything But Love 4:57
170b -Vaughn Monroe-On The Road To Mandalay 3:05
174a -Jimmy Dorsey-Kitty Kallen-Bob Eberly-Star Eyes 3:12
174b -Jimmy Dorsey-Gene Walsh-When They Ask About You 4:59
175a-Louis Jordan - Outskirts Of Town - I've Found A New Baby 4:59
175b-Count Basie - Yeah Man - Rhythm Man 5:34
179a -Efrem Kurtz and The London Philharmonic Orchestra-Excerpts from Gaite Par… 5:13
179b -Efrem Kurtz and The London Philharmonic Orchestra-Excerpts from Gaite Par… 4:22
197A Les Brown aho - Mexican Hat Dance 3:15
197B Gene Krupa - Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge - Let Me Off Uptown 1 3:09
243a-Guy Lombardo - Tony Craig - It's Love Love Love - Take It Easy 5:03
243b-Guy Lombardo - Jimmy Brown - Frankie And Johnny 3:28
247a -Howard Barlow and The Firestone Symphony Orchestra-Russian Sailors' Dance… 3:02
247b -Howard Barlow and The Firestone Symphony Orchestra-Persian Dance (from Kh… 4:24
250a -Al Goodman-Gladys Swarthout-The Man I Love-Make Believe 4:48
250b -Al Goodman-Reed Kennedy-Danny Boy-Song Of The Vagabonds 4:42
254a -Charlie Spivak-Jimmy Saunders-Marianne-Stardusters-Brother Bill 5:01
254b -Charlie Spivak-Gary Stevens-Don't Take Your Love From Me 3:31
255a -Les Brown-Gorden Drake-The Day After Forever-Sweet Loraine 5:48
255b -Glen Gray-Kenny Sargent-Tumbling Tumbleweeds 3:15
256a -Chuchu Martinez-Tu Nombre-Carinoso 5:00
256b -Chuchu Martinez-Noche De Ronda 3:36
258a -Count Basie - Beaver Junction 3:42
258b -Count Basie - Kansas City Stride 4:21
WOR~ Les Brown - Song Of India 06-20-41(acetate) 3:00


Not Really Old Time Radio

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The V Discs may have aired on AFRS, but were mainly played on hand cranked Victrolas. The music is pretty much timeless, but you've got to remember, they are old 78s with all the hiss, scratches and so on. They are a wonderful history lesson.

More V-Discs

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Do you have all the 905 V-Discs that were released in all of your sets or just a few? I'm trying to amass a complete collection.

More V-Discs

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I don't have them all yet, but I'm working on it.