Bob And Ray 50 12 23 The Left Over Christmas Party Guest

(3 stars; 1 reviews)

While Bob and Ray discuss the last evening's Christmas party, they discover one of the drunken party guests never left. An episode of "Jack Headstrong: All American American." A visit to Aunt Penney's Real Life Kitchen.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


merry christmas from bob and ray

(3 stars)

this 29 minute episode starts with incidental music and the duo discuss xmas, the xmas party, the day after xmas party. mary magoon appears. ken and bill perform an instrumental song. (organ and piano) an audience member has been singing drunkenly aloud so far. there is an episode of jack headstrong: the all american american. the duo discuss and demonstrate silly putty. there is an ad for the boston-maine rail road. they interview the drunken audience member who has been singing throughout the show so far-he has been celebrating xmas at a party for the past week. ray sings (marie-title? ) and then an ad for whiting's eggnog. An episode of aunt penny's true to life stories (involving her cookies made with chickenfat and silly putty). the show concludes with incidental music