Grand Central Station (Old Time Radio)

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Grand Central Station was drama program, with an innocent soap opera quality, that was well-known in the golden age of radio. The most memorable part of its opening was the sound of steam engines pulling into the station with the announcer saying "...GRAND CENTRAL STATION! The crossroads of a million private lives, a gigantic stage on which are played a thousand dramas daily... " The show ran for nearly 20 years, but few episodes survive. For more information

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Two are the same

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Are you aware that the two Grand Central Station programs, one from 1945 and one from 1949 are in fact the exact same broadcast? I am not sure if it was just the fact that it was a repeat in 1949 but considering that Pillsbury the sponsor had the Great American Bake Off every year, up until today - I doubt they would of announced the same winner four years apart. Just thought you ought to know. it's a very interesting show... I enjoyed it.

Great Radio Show! Thanks for Sharing!

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I loved the intro of the train and the announcer talking about the train on 125th Street, then Park Avenue. Grand Central Station! Radio was fabulous before disc jockeys and records. All it took were microphones, sound effects, and music to bring the spoken word to life! Would be great to bring this back!