Jeremy And Hamlet: A Chronicle Of Certain Incidents In The Lives Of A Boy, A Do…

Read by David Wales

(4.5 stars; 5 reviews)

Hamlet is Jeremy’s dog. This 1923 book is Hugh Walpole’s second volume in his Jeremy semi-autobiographical trilogy (Jeremy (1919 available at, Jeremy at Crale (1927, available at, about a ten-year-old English boy. One commentator wrote this of the first book: “With affectionate humor, Mr. Walpole tells the story of Jeremy and his two sisters, Helen and Mary Cole, who grow up in Polchester, a quiet English Cathedral town…. Mr. Walpole has given his narrative a rare double appeal, for it not only recreates for the adult the illusion of his own happiest youth, but it unfolds for the child-reader a genuine and moving experience with real people and pleasant things.” - Summary by Joseph Hergesheimer, Hugh Walpole: An Appreciation, 1919, p 38 and david wales (7 hr 10 min)


Poetic Dedication 1:25 Read by David Wales
Come Out Of The Kitchen 33:08 Read by David Wales
Conscience Money 36:00 Read by David Wales
The Dance 37:29 Read by David Wales
Saladin And The Black Bishop 34:22 Read by David Wales
Poodle 31:45 Read by David Wales
The Night Raiders 36:35 Read by David Wales
Young Baltimore 33:59 Read by David Wales
The Ruffians 42:43 Read by David Wales
The Picture-Book 37:39 Read by David Wales
Uncle Percy 35:25 Read by David Wales
The Runaways 33:18 Read by David Wales
A Fine Day 36:49 Read by David Wales


I Did Enjoy This

(4.5 stars)

The author gives a fine glimpse into the inner workings of humanity and thankfully is able to do this without a choking amount of sport analogies during Jeremy's time at school. It is well read! My only regret is that the 3rd book in the trilogy is not available here

(5 stars)

Too good a story to sleep to, it ruined my naps this weekend!

(4 stars)

A quirky tale of growing up. Well worth the listen. Well read