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THESE ARE THE MANDEL KRAMER EPISODES YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR - MANDEL KRAMER For over twelve years, from 1949 through 1962 (including a one year hiatus in 1954-1955), this series recounted the cases "the man with the action-packed expense account, Americaâs fabulous freelance insurance investigator, Johnny Dollar". Johnny was an accomplished 'padder' of his expense account. The name of the show derives from the fact that he closed each show by totaling his expense account, and signing it "End of report... Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar". Terry Salomonson in his authoritative "A Radio Broadcast Log of the Drama Program Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", notes that the original working title was "Yours Truly, Lloyd London". Salomonson writes "Lloyd London was scratched out of the body of (the Dick Powell) audition script and Johnny Dollar was written in. Thus the show was re-titled on this script and the main character was renamed. Why this was done was unclear â possibly to prevent a legal run-in with Lloydâs of London Insurance Company." Although based in Hartford, Connecticut, the insurance capital of the world, freelancer Johnny Dollar managed to get around quite a bit â his adventures taking him all over the world. There were some unusual devices used in the show that help set it apart from other shows. There was no partner, assistant, or secretary for Johnny. The character closest to a continuing role was that of Pat McCracken of the Universal Adjustment Bureau, who assigned Johnny many of his cases. Another atypical aspect gave the show additional credibility â frequently, characters on the show would mention that they had heard about Johnnyâs cases on the radio. Johnny often used his time when filling out his expense accounts to give the audience background information or to express his thoughts about the current case. No fewer than eight actors played Johnny Dollar. Dick Powell, of Rogueâs Gallery fame, cut the original audition tape, but chose to do Richard Diamond, Private Detective instead. Gerald Mohr, of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe fame, auditioned in 1955, prior to Bob Bailey getting the title role. Through the first three actors to play Johnny Dollar (Charles Russell, Edmond O'Brien, and John Lund), there was little to distinguish the series from many other radio detective series. Dollar was just another hard-boiled detective in a medium that was overloaded with the stereotype. Charles Russell, the first to play the role, would throw silver dollars to bellboys and waiters. Luckily, this trite gimmick did not survive long. On October 3, 1955, after a hiatus of over a year, the show came back with a vengeance. A new production team, including director/writer Jack Johnstone, a new star, Bob Bailey, from the radio series Let George Do It , and a new format would set the series apart from its competitors. Johnny's cases were now a continuing serial, five days a week, for fifteen minutes each evening. With 75 minutes of airtime, minus commercials and openings and closings, there was sufficient time to develop good storylines and interesting characters. During this time, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar attracted some of the best writers in Hollywood, including Jack Johnstone, E. Jack Neuman (using the pen name John Dawson), Robert Ryf, and Les Crutchfield. Bob Bailey also wrote a script while he was playing Johnny Dollar. He used the pen name Robert Bainter (Bainter was his middle name) as the scriptwriter for "The Carmen Kringle Matter", which was aired on Saturday, December 21, 1957 on the West Coast, and on the following day for the rest of the country. Bob Bailey, generally thought of as the most popular of the Johnny Dollars, brought a new interpretation to the character â tough, but not hard-boiled; streetwise, but not overly cynical, Bailey's Dollar was smart and gritty when he had to be. But Bailey's Johnny Dollar was also human. His character would get emotionally involved in a number of his cases. He had a streak of impatience, and would occasionally not fully listen to a witness and rush off on a tangent before realizing his mistake. The weekday serialized episodes are generally acknowledged as some of the finest radio detective shows ever produced. There were fifty six multi-part shows in all: fifty four five-part shows, one six-part show, and one nine-part show. The serialized episodes continued until November 2, 1956 when the series again reverted to a once a week, thirty minute format. Bob Bailey continued in the lead, until "The Empty Threat Matter" of November 27, 1960, when the Hollywood run ended. The guest stars and supporting casts were always first rate, attracting the best radio actors in both Los Angeles and New York. Pat McCracken was played by several actors â most frequently, by Larry Dobkin. Particularly noteworthy was the work of Virginia Gregg, who played many roles, including Johnny's girlfriend Betty Lewis. Harry Bartell was also a frequent guest, who did many of the Spanish dialect roles when Johnny went to a Latin American country. Other frequent guest performers were Parley Baer, Tony Barrett, John Dehner, Don Diamond, Sam Edwards, Herb Ellis, Frank Gerstle, Stacy Harris, Jack Kruschen, Forrest Lewis, Howard McNear, Marvin Miller, Jeanette Nolan, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips, Jean Tatum, Russell Thomson, Ben Wright, and Will Wright. Vincent Price co-starred as himself in "The Price of Fame Matter" and went to Europe with Johnny on the case. In December 1960, the show moved to New York. Robert Readick started the New York run as Dollar, but only lasted a short while. Jack Johnstone continued to write for the show and submitted scripts from California. Johnstone wrote about 350 Johnny Dollar scripts under his own name and his pen names Sam Dawson and Jonathan Bundy. Johnstone wrote the last episodes of both Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Suspense . He used the Bundy pen name when writing the last Suspense episode, "Devilstone". And so, an era passed. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was the last continuing detective series of the Golden Age of Radio. Mandel Kramer was the last Johnny Dollar, and a close second in popularity to Bailey, when the final episode, "The Tip-Off Matter", was aired on September 30, 1962. Material for this description was prepared by Stewart Wright. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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610618 743 The Low Tide Matter 23:46
610625 744 The Imperfect Crime Matter 24:09
610702 745 The Well of Trouble Matter 24:33
610709 746 The Fiddle Faddle Matter 26:21
610723 748 The Chuckanut Matter 26:02
610730 749 The Philadelphia Miss Matter [AFRTS] 24:54
610813 751 The Wrong Doctor Matter 24:28
610820 752 Too Many Crooks Matter 23:50
610903 754 The All Wet Matter 24:05
610910 755 The Buyer and the Cellar Matter 25:10
610924 757 The Double-Barreled Matter 29:06
611008 759 The Medium Rare Matter 24:06
611022 761 The Three for One Matter 25:16
611029 762 The Bee or Not to Bee Matter 24:22
611105 763 The Monticello Mystery Matter 24:02
611112 764 The Wrong One Matter 26:18
611119 765 The Guide to Murder Matter 25:21
611126 766 The Mad Bomber Matter 24:27
611203 767 The Cinder Elmer Matter 26:33
611217 769 The Phony Phone Matter [Network] 24:25
611231 770 The One Too Many Matter 24:13
620107 771 The Hot Chocolate Matter 24:06
620121 773 The Terrible Torch Matter 24:44
620128 774 The Can't Be So Matter 25:32
620204 775 The Nugget of Truth Matter 24:35
620211 776 The Do It Yourself Matter 23:56
620218 777 The Takes A Crook Matter 24:12
620225 778 The Mixed Blessing Matter 24:15
620304 779 The Top Secret Matter 24:47
620311 780 The Golden Dream Matter 24:56
620318 781 The Ike And Mike Matter 24:51
620325 782 The Shadow of a Doubt Matter 25:31
620401 783 The Blue Rock Matter 25:18
620408 784 The Ivy Emerald Matter 24:21
620415 785 The Wrong Idea Matter 24:23
620422 786 The Skidmore Matter 24:36
620429 787 The Grand Canyon Matter 22:31
620506 788 The Burma Red Matter 24:02
620513 789 The Lust for Gold Matter 24:32
620520 790 The Two Steps to Murder Matter 24:25
620527 791 The Zipp Matter 23:23
620603 792 The Wayward Gun Matter 24:30
620617 794 The All Too Easy Matter 23:18
620624 795 The Hood Of Death Matter 25:49
620701 796 The Vociferous Dolphin Matter 24:33
620708 797 The Rilldoe Matter 24:05
620715 798 The Weather or Not Matter 24:18
620722 799 The Skimpy Matter 24:34
620729 800 The Four Is a Crowd Matter 24:45
620805 801 The Case of Trouble Matter 25:51
620812 802 The Oldest Gag Matter 23:48
620819 803 The Lorelei Matter [AFRTS] 24:10
620826 804 The Gold Rush Matter 25:57
620902 805 The Doninger Doninger Matter 23:47
620909 806 The Four Cs Matter 25:03
620916 807 The No Matter Matter 24:22
620923 808 The Deadly Crystal Matter 23:12
620930 809 The Tip-Off Matter 23:56
620225 778 The Mixed Blessing Matter 24:15
610716 747 The Old Fashioned Murder Matter 22:46
610806 750 The Perilous Padre Matter (cut open) 24:13
610827 753 The Shifty Looker Matter 26:13


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