Trips in the Life of a Locomotive Engineer

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Henry Dawson has written several vignettes of railroad men from the days of steam locomotives. His goal is to show the reader that they are not just rough men, but are also brave and heroic men through descriptions of divers dangers encountered on the tracks. (Summary adapted from the Preface) (3 hr 31 min)


Preface 2:04 Read by mleigh
Running in a Fog 8:53 Read by Rita Boutros
A Close Shave 9:30 Read by Rita Boutros
A Collision 7:44 Read by Availle
Collision Extraordinary 5:45 Read by Alan Mapstone
Burning of the Henry Clay 8:28 Read by E.M. Allen
The Conductor 6:44 Read by E.M. Allen
Bravery of an Engineer 9:29 Read by Rita Boutros
The Fireman 10:04 Read by Rita Boutros
The Brakeman 9:12 Read by Rita Boutros
A Dream in the "Caboose" 11:26 Read by Rita Boutros
An Unmitigated Villain 7:55 Read by E.M. Allen
A Proposed Race between Steam and Lightning 6:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
An Abrupt Call 3:49 Read by E.M. Allen
The Good Luck of being Obstinate 6:50 Read by Availle
Human Lives v. The Dollar 5:53 Read by bmitchell062003
Forty-two Miles Per Hour 8:04 Read by Margaret Lange
Used up at Last 4:43 Read by Margaret Lange
A Victim of Low Wages 8:58 Read by Availle
Coroners' Juries v. Railroad Men 7:27 Read by Brent T. Nasworthy
Adventures of an Irish Railroad Man 7:58 Read by E.M. Allen
A Bad Bridge 8:02 Read by mleigh
A Warning 7:21 Read by E.M. Allen
Singular Accidents 4:47 Read by Phil Schempf
Ludicrous Incidents 4:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
Explosions 5:02 Read by Phil Schempf
How a Friend was Killed 10:49 Read by Yaelin Lee
An Unromantic Hero 5:36 Read by Phil Schempf
The Duties of an Engineer 8:46 Read by E.M. Allen