Stories of North Pole Adventure

Read by Steve C

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This volume does not pretend to be a history of Artic exploration. My aim has been to narrate some of the most thrilling incidents of Polar adventure in such a manner that the reader may feel something of the fascination which induces explorers, in spite of reverses and disasters, to attempt again and again to penetrate the vast region of snow and silence and solitude around the North Pole. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy; and, wherever possible, the actual journals of the various expeditions have been consulted, besides a host of minor publications. (Preface by Frank Mundell).
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Stories of North Pole Adventure, was one in a series of inspirational texts and ‘heroic writings’ by the Victorian author Frank Mundell and published by The Sunday School Union. Frank Mundell wrote a significant number of books for children (both boys and girls) and many of these were distributed and presented to them through their Sunday schools. - Summary by Steve C (4 hr 1 min)


Preface & Epigraph 2:19 Read by Steve C
The North Pole 7:13 Read by Steve C
First Attempts to Reach The North Pole 12:04 Read by Steve C
The First Royal Artic Expeditions 14:50 Read by Steve C
Two Famous Voyages 19:30 Read by Steve C
The First Winter in the Artic Regions 13:16 Read by Steve C
The Knight Errant of the Northern Seas 18:48 Read by Steve C
The Champion of the North 22:24 Read by Steve C
The Discovery of the Magnetic Pole 12:37 Read by Steve C
The Search for Franklin 12:20 Read by Steve C
The Fate of Franklin 21:32 Read by Steve C
American Expeditions 13:29 Read by Steve C
The Great Expedition of 1875 18:05 Read by Steve C
The Voyage of the 'Jeanette' 21:43 Read by Steve C
The Farthest North 14:58 Read by Steve C
Still Farther North 15:59 Read by Steve C