Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 2

“Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots” is an outa-site eight-volume series that includes hundreds of (very slightly) trippy radio commercials for shuttered music clubs, new records and movies, upcoming concerts and discontinued products from a half-century ago. You'll also hear then-popular rock groups performing groovy advertising jingles for cereals, soda, shoe stores, jeans, hot dogs and deodorant. (My personal favorites are Iron Butterfly for Ban roll-on, and the Rolling Stonesfor Rice Krispies.) Put some flowers in your hair, adjust your granny glasses and love beads,and take a trip back to the swingin' '60s! Each volume includes a full-color cover illustration. Audio files are individual lo-fi MP3s, numbered sequentially within each volume for no apparent reason. Some volumes are missing a file or two; I don’t have them, so please don’t ask for them.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


01. The In Sound Featuring The Song Up There by The Scoundrels 5:34
(radio Ad #1) 0:51
03. The Galaxy Club, Belvue, WA, Featuring West Coast Natural Gas 0:41
04. The In Sound With The Blues Magoos 1:21
05. Nikita The K Radio MoscowBlues Magoos Spoof by The Red Magoos 1:04
06. 'Green Slime' MGM Movie Promo 1:00
07. Chad & Jeremy 'Of Cabbages & Kings' LP Promo 1:02
08. The In Sound With Sean Bonniwell 2:28
09. Lee Jeans, Jeans by Lee Radio Spot 1:04
10. The Who BBC Radio One Promo 0:35
11. The Sex Machine Club Spot On WHAT Radio Station, Philadelphia, PA 1:06
The Zombie's Bunny Lake Is Missing promo 0:57
13. The In Sound With The Kitchen Cinq 1:15
14. Trident Records Promo, Featuring Mystery Trend, Blackburn & Snow & Sons Of … 5:27
(radio Ad #2) 1:02
16. Paul Revere & Raiders SS-396 Car Promo (Full Song) 2:33
17. Knickerbockers Lakeland FL, Concert Promo 1 0:53
18. Brawley Male Radio Spot For Clothing Store 0:44
19. Sherbet Coke Spot (Australian Band) 1:00
20. The In Sound with The Monkees 1:38
Vernissage 0:59
22. Evergreen Battle Of The Bands Seattle, WA Concert Promo 0:59
23. BOSS KHJ Hit Bound LA Radio Station Jingle. 0:08
24. KHJ Mustang Promo 0:34
25. The Liverpools Thom McCanns Shoe Spot 1:43
26. Golden Earring Coke Spot 1:51
27. The In Sound With Roger McGuinn 1:24
Falstaff Beer Commercial 1:03
29. Left Banke Hertz Rent-A-Car Spot 1:03
30. Cheetah Club Promo for LA Nightclub featuring 0:42
31. Moby Grape 'Truly Fine Citizen' LP Promo 0:59
32. Dr. Wests Medicine Show & Junk Band Eggplant LP Promo 0:46
33. Velvet Underground 'White Light, White Heat' LP Promo 0:40
34. The In Sound With And The Mysterians 1:03
35. Milton Berle Yellow Submarine Promo Single 2:54
36. UCNCB The Utica Club Promo 1:44
37. Rolling Stones Dallas Concert Promo Sponsored by Sumpin Else TV Show. 1:02
Underground Fire (radio spot) 0:57
39. The Ventures 'Hawaii Five-O LP' Promo 1:06
40. Lefte Banke Toni Hair Spray Radio Spot 1:02
41. The Happening Club Seattle, WA, Night Club Promo featuring The Sonics & Gas… 1:07
42. The Knickerbockers Lakeland FL, Concert Promo 2 0:42
[untitled] 1:02
44. Dave Diamond Excerpts From The Diamond Mine Radio Program On KBLA, Burbank,… 0:49
45. Hullabaloo Club Promo for LA Night Club 0:18
46. The In Sound With Every Mothers Son 2:56
McLemore Avenue 0:59
48. B. Mitchell Reed Leather Ltd. Ad, KMET, LA, CA 1:02
49. Tom Donahue Jeans West Spot, KSAN, SF, CA 1:02
50. Leopold Records X-69 Spot, KSAN, SF, CA 1:00