The Pothunters

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(3.7 stars; 34 reviews)

The Pothunters was popular British humorist P. G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse's first published book. It tells the first of what would become a number of tales set in a fictitious English public school, and already shows the author's masterful, gentle satirical humor, lovingly sending up his privileged countrymen. - Summary by Gareth Rowlands (4 hr 19 min)


Patient Perseverance Produces Pugilistic Prodigies 20:14 Read by Gareth Rowlands
Thieves Break in and Steal 9:47 Read by KevinS
An Unimportant By-Product 12:14 Read by aditshank
Certain Revelations 11:19 Read by Wayne Cooke
Concerning the Mutual Friend 29:21 Read by Laura Riley
A Literary Banquet 11:54 Read by Owlivia
Barrett Explores 14:27 Read by Owlivia
Barrett Ceases to Explore 11:08 Read by Paul Hampton
Enter the Sleuth-hound 15:46 Read by pianoroll262
Mr Thompson Investigates 13:31 Read by maitriarya18
The Sports 14:21 Read by sachinV
An Interesting Interview 12:23 Read by NoelVox
Sir Alfred Scores 12:37 Read by sachinV
The Long Run 13:55 Read by Laura Riley
Mr Roberts Explains 17:49 Read by Ares Sancho
The Disappearance of J. Thomson 12:10 Read by llebell
'We'll Proceed to Search for Thomson if He Be Above the Ground' 11:55 Read by KevinS
In Which the Affairs of Various Persons Are Wound Up 14:42 Read by Sahil Dalal


A great Yarn

(4 stars)

This is a great story of public school reveling lots of Slightly illegal Exploits along with athletic Pursuits. The mix of readers throughout the story make it a little less flowing but on the whole pretty good.

The book itself is a hoot...

(3 stars)

while the book itself is a hoot, some of the readers were mediocre... They have done it for free, after all... one mustn't complain.

Great book

(3 stars)

Needs re read by someone who speaks English as their first language🇹🇿🇸🇷🇻🇮preferably Al least a Ukrainian