Introducing Irony (Version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2.5 stars; 3 reviews)

Maxwell Bodenheim was once known as the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians after moving to New York after being one of the founders of the The Chicago Literary Times. But his life took a downward spiral and he became a panhandler and led a desultory life, finally ending in his murder along with his third wife in a Bronx apartment.
The title of this book characterizes the tone of these 22 poems and 10 small stories, full of dark cynicism and twisted irony, with titles such as “Seaweed From Mars” and “ Insanity.”
- Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 21 min)


Jack Rose 2:23 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
Seaweed From Mars 7:21 Read by Eva Davis
Turmoil in a Morgue 3:55 Read by April6090
Condensed Novel 2:51 Read by Lilian Elizabeth
Manners 2:02 Read by Jordan Owen
An Acrobat, a Violinist, and a Chambermaid Celebrate 3:24 Read by Jordan Owen
Novel Conversation 2:42 Read by Larry Wilson
The Scrub-Woman 2:52 Read by Nemo
Meditations in a Cemetery 2:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Simple Account of a Poet’s Life 4:17 Read by Wes Freeman
Candid Narrative 2:25 Read by Wes Freeman
Unliterary and Shameless 1:30 Read by Wes Freeman
Two Sonnets to My Wife 2:05 Read by Nemo
Finalities 8:01 Read by Jason in Panama
Imaginary People 3:26 Read by April6090
Uneasy Reflections 1:30 Read by Sarah Brown
Summer Evening: New York Subway Station 1:44 Read by April6090
Garbage Heap 1:03 Read by April6090
Impulsive Dialogue 3:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Emotional Monologue 4:39 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Pronounced Fantasy 2:18 Read by Slyma12
When Spirits Speak of Life 3:04 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Insanity 7:26 Read by Eva Davis
Poetry 7:41 Read by Slyma12
Religion 6:00 Read by Paula Crosley
Scientific Philosophy 4:48 Read by April6090
Art 7:01 Read by Jason in Panama
Music 7:48 Read by Jason in Panama
Ethics 7:09 Read by Jason in Panama
History 6:50 Read by April6090
Psychic Phenomena 8:30 Read by Jason in Panama
Love 8:03 Read by Nemo