A Book of English Martyrs

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This volume is a simple narrative suited to children's understanding of the thrilling times when English Catholics suffered for the Faith in the troubled days of the sixteenth century, when Tyburn tree was a concrete fact, and when ardent love hurled the defiance, "Come rack! Come rope!" Martyrs lay and cleric are here commemorated. The Carthusians, Houghton, Lawrence, Webster; the Jesuits, Campion, Sherwin, Southwell; the secular priests, Hart, Lacey, Ingleby; the countess of Salisbury, mother of Cardinal Pole; the Chancellor of England Blessed Thomas More, Philip Earl of Arundel, and Margaret Clitherow, harborer of priests. Their stories are told whenever possible in the words of records of the time (Summary from America Magazine, Volume 14, 1916) (6 hr 38 min)


Preface and Author's Note 9:58 Read by John
The Road to Tyburn 25:59 Read by John
''Joyful Tribulaciouns'' of Blessed Thomas More, Part 1 27:01 Read by Michael Curran
''Joyful Tribulaciouns'' of Blessed Thomas More, Part 2 21:55 Read by Kristine Wales
The English Terror 22:11 Read by KevinS
Papists and Heretics 22:07 Read by JeffE
The Northern Rising and Its Effects 19:31 Read by KevinS
The Excommunication 25:24 Read by John
Increase in Persecution 18:23 Read by John
The First-fruits of the Jesuit Mission 48:47 Read by John
Blessed Ralph Sherwin 13:37 Read by John
The York Martyrs 23:56 Read by John
A Group of Lay Martyrs 32:02 Read by John
The Martyrs of 1588 25:22 Read by John
Philip, Earl of Arundel 15:52 Read by John
''Come Rack, come Rope!'' 20:00 Read by DJRickyV
Strength in Weakness 25:56 Read by swiftsjourney