Bob And Ray 1957 Summer AFRTS 538

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Summer '57 AFRTS  No538    14 minutes in length Theme song B & R clean house & get rid of old sound effects records and banter about vacation.   Song-female vocalist Part of a Hawaiian song. Mary Backstage: Noble Wife (skit written and performed by the children of the cast of The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely). Bob and Ray's voices are sped up from an earlier Linda Lovely show for the children's section. A speed adjusted file is included after the main episode. Annotated by Calvin Saxton

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Early Mary Backstyge

(4 stars)

I believe this is near the earliest example of Mary Backstyge I have! Were B & R using the parody as a daily soap opera in earnest as they did later? I am going to slow this one down and see...