The Adventures of Frank Race

THE ADVENTURES OF FRANK RACE Broadcast: May 1, 1949- February 19, 1950 (East Coast) and June 5, 1951- March 25, 1952 (West Coast), syndicated Cast: Tom Collins as Frank Race (through "The Adventure of the Roughneck's Will", #22, 09/25/1949) Paul Dubov as Frank Race (from "The Adventure of the Green Doubloon", #23, 10/02/1949 to end) Tony Barrett as Mark Donovan Written and Directed by: Joel Murcott and Buckley Angel Music by: Ivan Ditmars Announcers: Art Gilmore, Michael Roy (episodes 26, 27) The Adventures of Frank Race was a syndicated show produced by Bruce Eells Productions in Hollywood. Each program began with the introduction: "Before the war, Frank Race worked as an attorney, but he traded his law books for the cloak-and-dagger of the OSS. When the war was over, his former life was over too....adventure became his business!" Although Race ran his investigative business out of a New York City office, he and his sidekick, Mark Donovan, were seldom there. Their pursuit of wrong-doers led them to ex-Nazi jewel robbers in Berlin and Monte Carlo, import thieves in Tunis, etc. Most of his assignments came from international insurance companies thus making the program something of a cross between more familiar contemporaries Dangerous Assignment and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar . NOTE: Updated Release! Upgraded sound and removed broadcast dates due to syndication (05-Mar-2013). Sources:; On the Air, John Dunning; The 3rd Revised Ultimate History..., Jay Hickerson; Audio (Salomonson) OTRR Certification Information: Series Name: The Adventures of Frank Race Certification Status: OTRR Certified Complete Certification Date: December 26, 2012 Certification Version: Version 2 Number of CDs: 2 From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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