Bob and Ray WOR 788 March 15, 1976

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Monday, March 15, 1976 Walking back to hotel, Mary missing Next Episode: 0:00 Discussing the never-broadcast Opening Of The Door Ceremony, then introducing their guests, the subjects of minor news items: Howard Tipley and his extraordinary run of luck in Las Vegas, Ellie Strombol, the recipient of a very late letter, and Jason Arnstrope's find of buried Spanish treasure. 5:20 A commercial for Eastern Airlines, who has the right time for you, if you're heading south. 6:20 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang continues to wend their way back to their hotel guided by Calvin's deja vu, losing Mary along the way. 10:15 On The Gathering Dusk, Edna welcomes Mr Klaplan, Village Animal Shelter Superintendent, who tries to clear up some misconceptions about guard chickens and stuffed moose. 14:30 Some brief, confusing banter, then a corny Fotomat commercial. 15:50 Squad Car 119, B&R's parody of Dragnet, featuring the officers discussing the uses and downsides of popsicles and their sticks, while ignoring an arson.  The Einbinder commercial reminds housewives not to forget to buy festive St. Patrick's Day flypaper, regardless of their ancestry. 19:45 A brief chat, then a visit with do-it-yourselfer Fred Falby, with great tips for recycling newspapers, eventually, and making your own one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzles. 24:40 Tippy The Wonder Dog goes to the store to buy cheese for Gramps' apple pie, but has trouble discerning between Wisconsin Cheddar and any other grocery item. 29:20 Anxiety, with Commander Neville Putney, featuring a suspenseful yet disappointing tale of two men trapped in a listing boat.  Will they survive?  Probably. 33:40 A US Postal Service commercial with Orson Bean on misaddressed mail. 34:40 Brigitte Hillary And The News, with Brigitte welcoming her father to the studio, and telling him of her plans to ruin his political career. 37:55 On Search For Togetherness, Dr. Hunnicutt must tell Dean Asbury the bad news about his physical, i.e. that he hasn't had time to get around to it. 42:05 Wrapping up the show, and what's coming up on WOR that evening. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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