Heautontimorumenos; the Self-Tormentor

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Terence's six plays are comedies written while he was a slave to a Roman senator. In this one, a severe father compels his son Clinia, in love with Antiphila, to go abroad to the wars; and repenting of what has been done, torments himself in mind.
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Chremes, an old gentleman, living in the country: Adrian Stephens
Menedemus, an old gentleman, his neighbor: ToddHW
Clinia, son of Menedemus: alanmapstone
Clitipho, son of Chremes: Tomas Peter
Dromo, servant of Clinia: Nemo
Syrus, servant of Clitipho: Larry Wilson
Sostrata, wife of Chremes: Eva Davis
Antiphila, a young woman beloved by Clinia: TJ Burns
Bacchis, a Courtesan, the mistress of Clitipho: Sonia
The Nurse of Antiphila: B L Newman
Phrygia, maid-servant to Bacchis: Leanne Yau
Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs
Edited by: ToddHW (1 hr 54 min)


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