The Man of the Desert

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(4.8 stars; 197 reviews)

Fleeing from an aggressive suitor, Hazel Radcliffe becomes hopelessly lost in the Arizona desert. Exhausted, she falls unconscious from her pony. Soon she is found by John Brownleigh, a handsome missionary who lives nearby. As he cares for her, a strong and true love grows between them. She was raised in luxury, he was raised to serve God. They part knowing very little about each other except for the love they feel. Back home among her family and friends, Hazel makes an important decision. She will do all she can to change, but can she do so before it's too late? Follow her journey of coming closer to the Lord and finding true love in an unlikely place. - Summary by LikeManyWaters (5 hr 41 min)


Prospecting 17:54 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Man 23:20 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Desert 26:04 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Quest 26:53 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Trail 18:06 Read by LikeManyWaters
Camp 18:22 Read by LikeManyWaters
Revelation 17:11 Read by LikeManyWaters
Renunciation 21:18 Read by LikeManyWaters
''For Remembrance'' 17:26 Read by LikeManyWaters
His Mother 21:58 Read by LikeManyWaters
Refuge 20:08 Read by LikeManyWaters
Qualifying for Service 25:13 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Call of the Desert 17:04 Read by LikeManyWaters
Home 25:20 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Way of the Cross 17:41 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Letter 20:39 Read by LikeManyWaters
Dedication 7:02 Read by LikeManyWaters


Good for the heart!

(5 stars)

A lovely story typical of GLH, and well read. If you need a quiet, easy to follow story with a fairy tale ending, and good morals, with the Gospel thrown in for good measure ...give it a try. Thank you Librivox volunteers, one and all, who make it a blessing for those of us who just need to relax with a good story. You are a blessing.

(5 stars)

So sweet! Maybe my favorite book by this author. Subtle reminder to put God above all else. He will walk with you. He knows what you need before you ask. He can supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

(5 stars)

What an incredible book. Although it is the typical story of gallant hero rescuing a beautiful, dainty lady, it has such a sweet wholesomeness about it. Grace Livingston Hill has such a way with words that I could just ‘see’ the story.

(5 stars)

I absolutely loved this. Maybe I'm just feeling emotional, but I bawled like a baby throughout this story. Just the sweetest, cleanest story ever. It was balm to a tired heart❤

Another Wholesome bk by GLH!!

(5 stars)

As usual, I enjoyed the story, the spiritual journey of the character and of course, the happy ending. Love the narrator!!

Western Missionary & Society Girl Romance

(4 stars)

Story us romance, not too different than most plots. Still, it is well written and well read. Focus on Christian beliefs part of the story, not in a beaten over the head manner. More an emphasis on seeking the best in oneself in order to be worthy of God and spouse. Pardon typos or mistakes in spelling, I cannot see the text in this box as I am typing it.

Another Favorite!

(5 stars)

I always enjoy listening to books by Grace Livingston Hill. They are always exciting, and yet have high morals. This one dwells on the joy that come from serving others and finding God's calling in your life, reminding us that if we serve God, He will direct our paths and provide us with every good thing.

Excellent Story!

(5 stars)

The thoughts and emotions of the characters were vividly portrayed: each character became a real person. The story ended as all stories should about a man and a woman who release their will and way to the God who gives us the desires of our hearts!