Miss Crespigny

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(4.1 stars; 51 reviews)

This is a less known, but not less beautiful, novel by the author of The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Lost Prince, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Shuttle, and many more. There is something different about miss Lysbeth Crespigny. Raised by three maiden aunts and sheltered from the world, she leaves them for the first time in order to explore the world. Yet she is often misunderstood. The world she discovers is more complicated and confusing then she anticipates. She is only 18 when the book starts. However the choices she has to make have consequences which she learns to navigate and become the strong woman she can be. - Summary by Stav Nisser. (4 hr 31 min)


CHAPTER I. Lisbeth 14:24 Read by Grace Buchanan
CHAPTER II. Another Gentleman of the Same Name 14:43 Read by Grace Buchanan
CHAPTER III. Pansies for Thought 17:18 Read by Rita Boutros
CHAPTER IV. A Lunch Party 15:57 Read by Rita Boutros
CHAPTER V. Georgie Esmond 11:52 Read by Rita Boutros
CHAPTER VI. A Song 12:01 Read by Rita Boutros
CHAPTER VII. A New Experience 13:29 Read by Lynette Caulkins
CHAPTER VIII. I Will Tell You the Truth for Once 10:05 Read by Lynette Caulkins
CHAPTER IX. We Must Always be True 9:54 Read by Lynette Caulkins
CHAPTER X. Pen’yllan 13:31 Read by acousticwave
CHAPTER XI. A Confession 15:34 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XII. A Visitor 13:03 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XIII. A Ghost 14:43 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XIV. It Might Have Been Very Sweet 14:09 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XV. We Won’t Go Yet 11:43 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XVI. Yes—to Lisbeth 16:02 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XVII. Good-bye 20:26 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XVIII. You Think I Have a Secret 15:54 Read by Lleskk
CHAPTER XIX. And That was the End of it 16:25 Read by Lleskk


(2.5 stars)

The last part of it has a reader that is not pleasent to listen to.

(4 stars)

Not so bad. Actually, I liked it.

(3 stars)

Not my favorite story. It dragged on too long. If it was shorter I would give it a 4.