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Some Kind Of Satisfaction - File Fill That Hammer Guy Ted de Corsia - 1954 An episode of That Hammer Guy with Ted de Corsia, not found in the other collections on Internet Archive.  The sound quality is a bit rough (as is the lead character), roughly on par with the other episodes available on IA.  The story, characters, and acting are all very satisfying; the story is complete, but the show's wrap-up is missing. This series debuted on the Mutual network on January 6 1953 and ran until September 28 1954, being replaced on October 5 by the premiere of Treasury Agent.  At some point in the interim, star Larry Haines was replaced by Ted de Corsia, likely when the show went from being a New York production to a Los Angeles show. Most mp3 files of That Hammer Guy are dated 1953 if Larry Haines was the star, and 1954 if it was de Corsia.  Since specific dates are rarely included in the file names, this helps to put the episodes in an order that separates the two stars' turns as Mike Hammer.  As Ted de Corsia plays Hammer in this episode, we have followed this pattern by dating Some Kind Of Satisfaction as 1954. P.S. If anyone can explain the elevator operator's line at 15:10 when Hammer roughs him up, please do so, but please keep it clean. Links: To open a search for That Hammer Guy on Internet Archive, click here . Pictures are of author Mickey Spillane, the creator of Mike Hammer. Text © 2018 W.H.Wilson

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Some Kind Of Satisfaction 25:45


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Most of the Mike Hammer novels are now available in audio, all the radio shows were sanitised versions, just try and listen to I,the Jury or My Gun is Quick to see what I mean.If needed I can post a link.