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Curtain - File Fill The Whistler August 16, 1953 An episode of The Whistler not currently found in the OTRR collection. Like most Whistler episodes of this era, this is a rather subdued tale concentrating on the motives and modus operandi of the central character, rather than an over-the-top story of violence.  In that context, Curtain is a very satisfying listen. Bill Forman plays The Whister, and featured in the cast are Lamont Johnson, Frances Robinson, Eddie Marr, and Bob Bruce, in a story by Doris Litterly.  As usual, this Whistler episode was directed by George W. Allen, with music by Wilbur Hatch. This mp3 file is named to conform to OTRR's standard used in their Whistler collection, so it should slip right into its proper place in your Whistler folder. The August 16 1953 date was associated with this mp3 when found on the internet (although this is an AFRS rebroadcast).  While the Los Angeles Times did list an episode of The Whistler on that date, at 7:30pm on KNX, they did not give a title or summary for that episode.  The 'episode 583' number was established by interpolation of episodes 579 (July 19) and 590 (October 4), both of which are in the OTRR collection. Links: To visit the OTRR The Whistler page, with over five hundred episodes available, click here . Pictures are from Quality Comics' publication The Whistler, which actually seems to have no connection with the radio show. Don't try this in a bar fight.  Trust me. Text © 2018 W.H.Wilson

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Curtain (AFRS) 25:52


Good story. Some crackles but not too distracting.

(5 stars)