Mutual Radio Theater: The Last of Scrooge (1980-04-09)

(3.4 stars; 5 reviews)

Here's an intriguing premise. If nice guys finish last, what happened to Scrooge after Dickens' story ended? Hans Conried stars; Vincent Price introduces. Written by Ken Gerard. Produced and directed by Elliott Lewis.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


(4 stars)

Very good, but also so very sad !!! No wonder people require anti-depressants daily to live in the current “Downer” age created by most of the “Applauded” minds of the past 3 generations, literally writing scripts biased to impress their fellow “Glitterati” !!! They are like copying a great master in nothing but black and white, then running that copy through an ink jet printer 1000 times repeatedly then stealing the original work and taping the copy in, and selling it to a blind art collector as the original !?!

Vincent Price hosts this story but

(3 stars)

the storyline becomes predictable early on. it is still enjoyable however.