Bob and Ray WOR 068 June 14 1973

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Captain Larsen sees Carmine in a boat Thursday  June 14  1973

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BnR06806141973 27:51


Thanks for The Material, but...

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I love Bob and Ray (or is it Ray and Bob?). IRRRR-regardless, PUHLEEZE resist the temptation to put your own voice on the posting; —particularly the tag spot that sounds like an advertisement for a company, but, of course, you are doing this for pleasure NOT profit. Please consider OUR pleasure...that is abruptly snuffed out with an out-of-place and UNNECESSARY voice. Yeah, I know; you can resist anything but temptation...alas, I am tired of editing your voice out of the material! Your valuable time could be better spent on remastering this stuff in Sound Forge to achieve consistent levels and the clearest and most authentic audio possible (think conservative).

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